The IBA presidential election turns into a farce: elected among only one candidate

Russian Umar Kremlin will lead the International Boxing Association (IBA) for another four years. True, the head of the amateur boxing organization won the election without a fight because his main opponent was disqualified on the eve of the election.

A few days ago, the Kremlin and the Dutchman Boris van der Worst were to compete for the post of head of the IBA. However, the day before the start of the IBA Congress, the IBA’s bid was declared invalid.

A report released by the organization said that Mr van der Wörst had violated IBA rules by forming an informal coalition with other IBA members running for different positions and therefore could not stand. stand for election.

In response to this decision, Mr. van der Worst appealed to the International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to suspend the IBA presidential election. However, on Friday CAS decided not to take any action or interfere in the election of the IBA chief.

Thus, on Saturday, the IBA Congress elected the president from a single candidate. Since, according to the rules of the IBA, when only one candidate stands for election, his election is confirmed by acclamation – or by the reaction of those gathered, U. Kremliov was elected by applause.

It is unlikely that this election will contribute to a better image of amateur boxing. The International Olympic Committee has already announced that in 2028 There will be no program at the Los Angeles Olympic Games, it is not clear on the selection of boxers for 2024. Paris Olympic Games.

The biggest problems for the amateur boxing organization in recent years have been debt, administrative issues and judging scandals. It is true that the Kremlin had announced before the elections that the IBA was no longer in debt, but it soon became apparent that this had been done at the expense of Gazprom, Russia’s main sponsor.

Source: The Delfi





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