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Ryan Griffin’s last hole eagle drives him to a lead share

When Ballybofey and Stranorlar Ryan Griffin attended the Frogus Irish Men’s Amateur Open over the weekend, a spectacular eagle shared a lead on the island after overcoming the harsh conditions of the second day.

Griffin’s 2:74 performance took him to tournament levels in the rain and strong winds just outside Dublin, pulling him to third place alongside Carton House’s Mark Boucher and his Robert Moran. It was one of the best in the second round. castle.

But it was the incredible 18 / that shot down the hole for the duo that brought Donegal players an incredible round and put him in the best position of the weekend to win an important victory. It was 170 yards of 4.

“I had a pretty bad three point on the 17th, so it was great to finish as I did,” he said.

“We are at the end of the Quran, but earlier this morning I would have got 74. It’s about staying at that moment and sticking to the game plan for the next few days.

Following the top three, there are three above average players, including Joseph Honey on the island, Alan Faye on Bray, and Matthew Wilson, the leader of the first round in Scotland.

Griffin wasn’t the only one to fight Joshua Hill in Gargorm Castle with three or more, Matthew McLean of Malone and Corum Campbell of Warren Point in a quarter.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Caldwell and Cormac Shervin missed the cut as the Belgian Sudal Open continued to make a tough start to the season.

It was a difficult pill to swallow, especially after Caldwell started well at minus 70 in the first round, but his four Boogeymen and Triple Bogey missed the lead with three hits, with a score of 74 the second. Link Ben International. Two normal

Shervin finished with the same score and added a par 71 in the second round, but not enough to beat 73 in the first round and missed nine weekends with ten starts this season.

Royal Dublin’s Niall Kearney is just two hits less than six points from Antwerp, while Germany’s Matthias Schmidt and the British duo Sam Holsfield and Dale Whitnell are less than eight.

Source: Belfasttelegraph





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