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Southampton manager assesses impact of club unrest on performance

SAINTS manager Rubén Selles dismissed suggestions that unrest at the club was the reason for his team’s poor performance during the season.

St Mary’s are facing relegation from the Premier League for the first time since promotion to the top flight in 2012.

After a recent home loss to Bournemouth they are six points away and will face a major overhaul in the summer.

However, Sport Republic and new director of football Jason Wilcox are already busy making appointments for outgoing executives.

HR director Joe Shields, chief executive Toby Steele (already replaced) and academy director Matt Hale are all gone or will be leaving this season.

However, Selles declined to suggest that the turbulence could be related to field play. On Thursday night he said, “Of course not.

“In our situation, when you are at the club, you have some problems and daily routine, but this is not something that we can extrapolate to the field.

“I think we are where we are and then we have to fight to show that we are good enough to compete in this competition and then we can beat everyone so that there are no problems outside that matter. or bothered us. “.

The Spaniard added: “Here’s the problem, we didn’t find consistency in any of the moments, and at the beginning we thought that together with the team we could do it.

“We thought about what we would do. I think we showed a good game.

“But over the last week we have combined some good points with bad ones, so there is no consistency in this situation and we are trying to find it and fix it.

“And that’s one of those things that we have to look at and then say we have to do better and then we have to be more reliable in what we do.”

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