Derry 1-11

Dublin 0-13

It was a memorable day in Derry when they beat Dublin on Saturday night.

Dublin looked back at their best as they led 07-02 at the break with goals from Lee Gannon, Brian Fenton, John Small and Cormac Costello.

Dessie Farrell’s side were patient in attack against a Derry side who parked 15 behind the ball.

But Rory Gallagher’s side were a different side in the second half as they closed the gap on Dublin and a late second half goal.

Dublin would have a number of chances, such as when Ciaran Kilkenny opted to score a point first rather than pass Cormac Costello for an open goal.

It was Brendan Rogers who scored the winning point in the game’s final kick as Derry secured a memorable victory.

FULL TIME!! Derry 1-11 Dublin 0-13

Derry win the ball from the goal kick and McGuigan puts it wide which is a poor choice.

O’Hanlon meets his man and Dublin get a chance to win here.

Dublin look at the clock and will try to get another shot but Derry win it back and there is a cynical foul from Michael Fitzsimons and he sees red after a second yellow.

Last chance for Derry and BRENDAN ROGERS WIN!!!!!!!!!!

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Derry 1-10 Dublin 0-13

We’ve reached the 70th minute and Derry have 15 behind the ball, what do Dublin have in store?

Colm Basquel loses the ball and it is called a throw. It’s tossed between Glass and Fenton and Derry win but there’s a free to Dublin after Conor Glass kicks a man.

Cormac Costello stepped forward and turned it over

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Derry 1-10 Dublin 0-12

Murray scores a big point and Derry lead by a point

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Derry 1-09 Dublin 0-12

We’re in the 67th minute and it’s all the same with a McGuigan free

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Derry 1-07 Dublin 0-12

Ciaran Kilkenny takes the point but it could have been so much more had Cormac Costello been clear in front of goal.

Brian Howard replaces James McCarthy

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Derry 1-07 Dublin 0-11

Colm Basquel scores just as he comes off the bench

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Derry 1-07 Dublin 0-10

It’s such a nice result from Derry and Conor Doherty has another shot but it goes wide.

Shane McGuigan is sent off and Michael Fitzsimmons is booked

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Derry 1-06 Dublin 0-10

Ciaran Kilkenny with a nice result

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Derry 1-06 Dublin 0-09

Celtic Park broke out and Derry equalized after 55 minutes

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Derry 1-05 Dublin 0-09

If Derry score, Conor McCloskey will have a big block

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PURPOSE! Derry 1-04 Dublin 0-09

Brendan Rodgers with a brilliant run and toner toe sticks

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Derry 0-04 Dublin 0-09

Lee Gannon with a nice result

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Derry 0-04 Dublin 0-08

A sloppy mistake for Dublin and Derry score another

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Derry 0-03 Dublin 0-08

Ethan Doherty and Tom Lahiff exchange points

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Back on the road!

We are on our way again in Derry

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Peace! Derry 0-02 Dublin 0-07

Toner comes forward for nothing and it’s the last kick of the half and he shoots just short.

Dublin get one last attack but do nothing with it and are very impressive six-in-a-row winners.

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Derry 0-02 Dublin 0-07

This will be the most satisfying point of the game.

Dublin hit a bad back pass which Davy Byrne has to pull from his own 21, Derry keep all their players defensively inside their own 45.

Eoin Murchan turns the screw and Cormac Costello gets on the end of a shot and passes it to John Small who turns it over.

Shane McGuigan is lucky not to see a ticket for a confrontation with Lee Gannon

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Derry 0-02 Dublin 0-06

Super save by Dublin goalkeeper David O’Hanlon.

That could have changed this game right there. It’s not really a roaring affair and is hard on the eyes at times.

Dublin are skilled at patience and are happy to show themselves left and right only for James McCarthy to kick wide.

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Derry 0-02 Dublin 0-06

Brian Fenton with consecutive points. One punch while the other is a nice left foot kick

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Derry 0-02 Dublin 0-04

Con O’Callaghan scores a good point and Shane McGuigan responds

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Derry 0-01 Dublin 0-03

Lee Gannon scores Dublin’s third point

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Derry 0-01 Dublin 0-02

Derry miss a free kick after Cormac Costello blocks a Brian Fenton shot that goes over the bar

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Derry 0-01 Dublin 0-01

James McCarthy saw his chance roll over the front goal and it could have been the perfect start for Dublin.

Derry get the ball and it’s a nice result for Derry to equalize and it’s Paul Cassidy

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Derry 0-00 Dublin 0-01

Cormac Costello opens the scoring

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We are on our way

We are here in Derry

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Almost ready to go

The sides finish their warm up and we are almost ready to go.

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TV and live streaming data

Tonight’s match will be broadcast live on RTE Two.

The match can also be streamed live on the RTE Player.

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Welcome to Derry v Dublin live coverage

Hello and welcome to the live coverage between Derry and Dublin in their Division Two clash.

The two teams are currently first and second in the table and have won all four matches so far.

The way they did it varies as Derry impressed the country with their performances.

Dublin have been disappointing but a big win tonight could go in their favor for the rest of the season.

Throw-in for the game is scheduled for 5pm at Celtic Park and the game can be followed live on RTE Two

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