Beating Glen, Kilmacud wants a sneak peek at Crookes’ All-Ireland Senior Club Football Final 16

Glenn has asked the Central Competition Committee to explain why 16 Kilmacud Crookes players were on the pitch in the All Ireland Senior Club Football final at Croke Park yesterday.

D.Ara Marin looked poised to take on Glen 45 in one of two substitutions made in the 63rd minute. But instead of leaving the field, Crookes put himself on the goal line to guard the oncoming shot.

Glenn was short-lived, with Conless McGuckian kicking slightly wide before referee Derek O’Mahony blew the final whistle to signal a 1-11 to 1-9 win for the Crookes on the following kickoff. Same scene as Kilcoo.

Glen manager Malachy O’Rourke was quick to pour cold water on his protests in his post-match comments, but club president Barry Slowey took a slightly different stance later in the evening, leaving the door open. .

“We are aware of potential rule violations and the club will seek clarification from the GAA on this matter,” he said.

Under Specification and Administrative Rule 6.44(b)(i) found in the first part of the Official Guide, Replay or Penalty Penalties awarding the game to the opposing team are a series of penalty options for the offending team. Rules regarding too many players on the field at the same time.

This may result from a “substantiated appeal” or, in this case, a “responsible commission investigation” by the Central Competition Commission (CCCC).

However, it’s not as black and white as it used to be, and the “depending on the circumstances” clause gives some latitude in the range of penalties. In a way, responsibility for the appeal may lie with Glenn, but it may be up to CCCC to weigh the “conditions” and even if Marie is better than Crookes.

O’Rourke (left) was not in favor of the protest.

“We had our chances and we did our best. Look, this shouldn’t have happened (16 players). I can’t speak for the club, but I think I’ll admit we lost that day.”

After Paul Mannion recovered after a four-month hiatus, Crookes agreed to manager Robbie Brennan that it was a “huge, big gamble.”

He also said that last year’s defeat should “break” us.

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Source: Belfast Telegraph





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