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Callum suspects O’Dow, but Stephen Kenny promises to fire on France

The Republic of Ireland’s plans for tonight’s Euro 2024 qualifying match against France are hampered by Callum O’Dowda’s groin injury, but Seamus Coleman could still be in the squad. At a press conference, it was confirmed that they would start on the left. On the positive side for Kenny, Norwich striker Adam his Ida is in good form after recovering from injury. Coleman’s lack of media activity was seen as proof that he was out of the game due to a thigh problem, but the manager sent a different message. When asked about Coleman’s future, Kenny replied, “No, he wasn’t left out.” “Experience is also a factor, but his performances at Everton have been very good. Football-wise, he’s played very well at Everton and has been injury free. Robbie Brady joined the team last night after Callum O’Douda had some groin issues. “Adam Ida is perfectly fit and ready. rice field.

Source: Belfast Telegraph





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