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Real Madrid-Chelsea, Manchester City-Bayern Münich, Milan-Naples and Inter-Benfica, are the couples in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. A priorithe key between Guardiola’s team and the powerful Germans emerges as the most attractive and powerful.

Because the long-awaited dream of the English, of being able to raise their big apricots, meets a strong obstacle and a candidate such as Bayern Münich. Guardiola and his obsession with being able to bring the Champions League to City’s showcases, have a litmus test. The Bavarians are a solid and forceful team. They come from eliminating the powerful PSG and that already gives them another plus when it comes to measuring forces against City.

As for the Real Madrid-Chelsea key, the clear favorite is the white team, as well as being the most winning team in the history of this competition. The meringues, specialists in these battles, left Liverpool on the road without any inconvenience, while the English, although they have a good squad, give the impression that, stick to stick, Real Madrid is the one aiming to advance .

We keep analyzing, Milan-Naples also has a favorite. Spalletti’s squad has been showing remarkable solidity in Serie A, with a great advantage and has also gained respect in Europe with an attractive and convincing game. Napoli plays very well and stands out for its offensive volume and creativity in generating play. Milan can give him a fight, but the balance seems in favor of those from the south.

Inter-Benfica is a duel that seems to have a preference towards the Italians, given that they have shown a more even performance, although the Portuguese are a special team and could surprise in this instance.

Given this and projecting the possible semifinals, Real Madrid awaits the winner of City-B.Münich to advance. A preview of the final, where in that sector of the table there are three of the iron candidates. On the other hand, Naples appears as the great favourite, with the unknown of not knowing who will arrive on the other side of the table.

The rooms promise a lot of a competition that always captivates due to the quality of the game, the squads and the spectacular nature of each match.

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