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This Sunday a new edition of Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo is held

Everything is ready for a new edition of Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo (VCA). The helmets and wheels return to mix with the colors of Valparaíso, with 30 competitors, 14 of whom are international downhillists.

The participation of the Czech Tomas Slavík, four times world champion and two times VCA champion, stands out. Likewise, the Colombian Camilo Salazar will be present, who at 21 years old is the current champion of Monserrate Cerro Abajo.

The Chileans Pedro Ferreira, current two-time champion of Valparaíso Cerro Abajo; Pedro Burns, Chilean enduro champion; and Felipe Agurto, second place in the 2019 competition, will also be part of the competition.

Meet the 30 qualifiers for Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo:

  1. Alberto Nicolas Pacheco (CHI)
  2. Felipe Vial (CHI)
  3. Felipe Agurto (CHI)
  4. Sebastian Alfaro (PER)
  5. Milciades Check (CHI)
  6. Andreas Kukulis (CHI)
  7. Adrien Loron (FR)
  8. Pablo Aguilar (CRI)
  9. Luis Felipe Rodríguez (COL)
  10. Philip Atwill (UK)
  11. Mario Jose Jarrin (ECU)
  12. Juan Fernando Munoz (COL)
  13. Tomas Slavík (CZ)
  14. Milton Contreras (CHI)
  15. Camilo Sanchez (COL)
  16. Mauricio Acuna (CHI)
  17. Pedro Ferreira (CHI)
  18. Peter Burns (CHI)
  19. Gonzalo Gajdosech (ARG)
  20. Lewis Buchanan (UK)
  21. Matias Nunez (CHI)
  22. Lucas Borba (BRA)
  23. Nicolas Rodriguez (CHI)
  24. Gabriel Camargo (BRA)
  25. Alan Reyes (MEX)
  26. Claudio Salazar (CHI)
  27. Lorenzo Guarello (CHI)
  28. Fernando Riquelme (CHI)
  29. Kristof Muller (CHI)
  30. Felipe Benavides (CHI)

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