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After controversial “expulsion” of cat, they sue the Brazilian Football Confederation (CFB) for animal abuse

A group of Non-Governmental Organizations and the National Forum for Animal Protection and Defense of Brazil announced a lawsuit against the Brazilian Football Confederation (CFB) for animal abuse, after the episode experienced in the 2022 Qatar Men’s Soccer World Cup, when a cat was forcibly removed from a press conference.

The cat climbed onto the table where the microphones and Vinicius Rodríguez were located, but a member of the press office of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), after caressing it, threw it to the ground and caused the astonishment of those present due to its shape to do so, but he justified himself by saying that it was a normal gesture.

The amount of the demand contemplates 1 million reais (200 thousand dollars) and they want the money to be used for an investment in an environmental fund.

From the governing body of Brazilian soccer they have not yet made a public statement regarding this demand. Meanwhile, the medium UOL Sports Sources within the CFB were contacted and they claim “to have no knowledge of the matter.”

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