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Ireland can end an unforgettable year in style and heat up Australia

Beat Australia tonight in Dublin to end 2022 as the best rugby team in the world. The team will also be remembered for their performances in New Zealand this year, but a win would mark his 12th consecutive run at home.

R.Whatever the outcome, after the final whistle all eyes will be on Monaco, where nominees for Ireland’s Coach of the Year, Actor of the Year and World Rugby Men’s Player of the Year are nominated.

Captain Johnny Sexton, one of Gong’s contenders, was keen to point out that his team failed to win a silver medal from the Six Nations aside from the Triple Crown, but it’s sure to go down in history as a year that will never be forgotten. . .

Of course, those wearing the green jersey in 2022 won’t realize they have more responsibility for that same old Ireland and top of the competition if they don’t make it to the semi-finals at next year’s World Cup. too soon. 4 years.

Still, 10 months after tonight’s opponent finds himself, he’s definitely in a better position to exit that tournament.

In fact, if they lose tonight, Australia could drop to their lowest ever world ranking of ninth. As 2022 draws to a close, it’s time to try green and gold.

Talk of radical reform was common even before this northern hemisphere tour. It’s worth noting that the native Australian started tonight’s wing he lost to McHansen on the most missed part of these, but IRFU performance his director David I did.

In an interview with Australian publication The Roar this week, Rugby Australia CEO Andy Marinos reportedly met with Nucifora last year to discuss Ireland’s return when they make their debut in 2024, 10 years later.

Far from being unpopular here, where tales of tug-of-war and interstate friction are not always far from the surface, this approach is far from popular. own system.

Despite the opening loss to Italy last weekend, the recent history of both sides is instructive.

Ireland have won four of their five games since 2014 and it was the only loss in the first Test of Australia’s 2018 winning streak. For context, they had won three games before this run. last 22

The challenge for Australia is wider than the match against Ireland.

Despite wins in South Africa, Argentina, England and Scotland this year, the Wallabies have lost eight times this season and will face Wales tonight and next week to cap off their worst season since 1958.

Dave Rennie’s 37.5 winning percentage is the worst of any professional Australian coach, but his situation is under intense scrutiny.

The former Glasgow manager has already suggested that he wants to set his long-term future at the start of the new year.

“We don’t bury our heads in the sand. We understand the pressure (Dave),” said Nick White. “We love Dave’s coaching so it’s a shame because I think the playgroup put pressure on him. He’s an outstanding coach and the coaching team here is top notch.”

Lenny himself isn’t new to talking about job security. Especially after he decided to make massive changes in Italy for his loss.

“At the end of the day, there’s pressure on me, but if I put that pressure back on the staff and the players, the weekend doesn’t help us, right?” “It is important that we continue to look forward and improve, and that the decisions we make are in the best interest of the team’s long-term future.

“But you have to suffer the consequences.

It didn’t take long before Farrell’s own progress was called into question. Tonight, rival coaching players in his booth couldn’t feel more conflicted.

Source: Belfast Telegraph


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