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Lydia Coe Wins Women’s Golf’s Biggest Money Ever At LPGA Final

Lydia Ko consolidated her lead in the middle of the season-ending CME Group Tour Championship with her best score of the day, 66.

T.The 25-year-old turned a one-shot lead into a five-shot lead in his bid for the LPGA Tour’s $2m (£1.6m) Player of the Year award.

The New Zealander finished five strokes ahead of South Korea’s Hyo Joo Jim on 13 on a day of four birds in a six-hole run at Tiburon Golf Club in Naples, Florida.

He later said: The odds were low yesterday, so this round could have been anyone on any weekday.

Round 2 took place on the day the Tour announced that LPGA players would compete for a record $101.4m (£85m) next season.

Coe starts the week with a one-point lead over Player of the Year and will look to secure a second Vare trophy unless his points suddenly drop off a cliff in Florida.

“Lydia is Lydia,” Irishman Leona Maguire told the leader after shooting 69-shot 7v6s in a row.

“I’m sure it will continue, so let’s take as many shots as possible over the weekend and see what happens.

England’s Jody Ewart Shadoff was five behind after a stroke stopped by compatriot Georgia Hall, while Charlie Hull was fifth on the leaderboard with doubles on 78 and six rounds.

Author: From PA Sports Staff

Source: Belfast Telegraph


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