Steve Smith starred as Australia televised 281 and defeated England in their second ODI.

Steve Smith’s 94 of 114 points went 280 to 8 as he tried to take a tight lead in Australia’s ODI series against England in Sydney.

M.Arnus Labuschagne shone for 55 with 58, Mitch Marsh shone for 50 with 59 shots and Adil Rashid was the English bowler’s choice with 3-ball 57 in this second ODI.

Rashid is back with T20 World Cup winners Sam Curran, Chris Woakes and Moeen Ali.

Australia also had a new captain, Josh Hazlewood, who thanked Smith for scoring four consecutive 50+ points in the ODI on a sunny afternoon against fast bowler Pat Cummins.

After Australia went undefeated to 33 in five overs, Moen threw himself and the decision was instantly confirmed when David Warner swept Liam Dawson in the ring.

After conceding the first three extra 20 seconds, Wakes stepped up and used a subtle speed change to dry the score, but took the top of the stick and flew to Moen Travis Head’s in the field. It was a faster hit. in midwifery.



Marnus Labschagne impresses with his stick for Australia (Mark Baker/AP)

Smith slept well and Moen rushed to the second ball of the field and hit ODI’s first six ropes as Labuchaneu rushed. Rabshanyu put his feet to good use for spinners his players Moen, Rashid and Liam his Dawson.

However, Labushaneu’s efforts to sweep Rashid culminated, slowly heading to the center and leg-turner-2-2 when Alex Carey missed a cross and was bowled by Sam Billings. , the Australian quarter fell to 144.

Labshagne was happy to hole up and serve singles, but after 70 balls became 50 balls, he became more adventurous, sweeping Rashid and Dawson to four.

After winning the Most Valuable Player award at the T20 World Cup, Curran, who went 55-7 in his opening match, was crushed by Smith’s deep square legs.

However, six laps behind a century, he scored the winning goal for Rashid on a pitch that began to slow as the stroke neared the end.

A knuckle ball from Walkes slammed into Marcus Stoinis’ log, and Marsh fired a few dirty shots before he and Mitchell Stark came close to back-to-back deliveries of David Willie.

Australia added 76 in their last ten overs.

Author: David Charlesworth, Sydney, Pennsylvania

Source: Belfast Telegraph





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