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Low in La Roja: Blackburn Rovers does not give in to Ben Brereton to give him rest

Significant loss for the Chilean team was reported this Monday, after Blackburn Rovers decided not to cede Ben Brereton for the FIFA date of November.

Remember that La Roja is going to play friendlies against Poland and Slovakia. On Wednesday the 16th, Chile will face the country commanded by Robert Lewandowskiwhile on the same day that the Qatar 2022 World Cup begins, the national team will face the Slovaks (November 20).

The English team indicated that this decision responds to giving him “a well-deserved rest” during the holidays, after the tight schedule that the striker had this year.

His trainer, jon dahl tomassonpointed out that Brereton always wants to do well for Chile, but this time he needs to rest so he will be kept at home.

“I’m sure Ben would love to go, because he always wants to help all the teams in the world, because he loves the game so much, but on the other hand we have to protect and take care of Ben as a club,” he added.

For his part, the player wrote on his social networks the reasons why he will not attend to play with La Roja on this FIFA date. “Unfortunately due to a prolonged minor injury Blackburn cannot release me to play in the upcoming friendlies against Poland and Slovakia. Injury treatment begins today followed by a recovery period,” the message began.

“I am very disappointed to miss these games, but I will use the time to receive the required treatment and return fully fit. I wish all my Chilean teammates every success,” Ben finished via Instagram.

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