Commission Agent Lucenio: “Lin Shin must be a supplier who ultimately did not participate in the business”

Commission agent Alberto Luceno told the judge in the mask case that the mysterious Lin Shin, who appears in the distribution of profits that he himself sent to Luis Medina, “may have been the supplier who, in the initial moments of the operation, it seemed that he. I was going to participate, in the end he did not have time to do it.”

This is stated in a letter sent to the court, which had access to, in which Luceno’s defense responds to a question asked by the judge in line with Podemos’ popular indictment request. “Mr. Luceno does not have his identifying information,” said a lawyer for Commission Agent Lynn Shin.

Luceno’s defense takes the opportunity to repeat his complaint about the search of his home and the address of one of his companies: “Maybe when he gets his mobile devices and computers back, he will have new information. In the meantime, please note that the request is voluntary. [de información sobre Lin Shin]”.

“During an international trade operation, the participants and their fees are different, if not unique, so the presence of the name Lin Shin on the list sent should not be surprising,” Lusenio adds.

The chart that Luceno attached to Medina also shows San Chin Chun, whom the Spanish commission agent always identified as the sole supplier of the masks. In its request, Podemos noted that “the sums shown by ‘Alberto’ and ‘Leno’ are somewhat surprising. [San Chin Choon] and “Lin Shin” virtually matched the amounts ultimately received by the investigator Alberto Luchenio.”

Thus, the popular accusation that Lin Shin was Lucenio’s invention was turned into an increase in the amount of commission he received: 5 million compared to the million euros that Medina earned. It always thought that he would be accused of the same thing as Lucenio, and only a judicial investigation brought him out of his deception.

Source: El Diario





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