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Monedro is asking for the cancellation of the investigation that García Castellón opened against him after the failure of the case against Podemos.

The founder of Podemos, Juan Carlos Monedero, yesterday Thursday registered a letter with the National Court requesting the annulment of the order by which Judge García Castellón opened an investigation against him in 2021, after the failure of the case against Podemos. Monedro is also demanding that actions taken after 2021 “for violating their right to self-defense” be nullified.

Monedero’s brief came after it was learned that a national court had given the green light to García Castellón’s latest attempt to continue the investigation into the Podemos founder, rejecting arguments by the former politician’s defense that the judge wants to return to the facts filed in Madrid. of the court and that the new case is part of a prospective investigation.

In the letter, Monedro’s defense decries that the former Podemos founder’s “rights of defence” have been completely undermined since they had “partial” access to the proceedings. Accordingly, according to their claim, it was not possible to “use any of the rights established by Article 18 of the Criminal Procedure Law”.

According to the defense, this attitude of the court towards the investigated persons “contradicts” the recognition of Vox and Pro Lege as popular accusations. Thus, they are justified in requesting that the proceedings be invalidated because the proceedings were “completed”, there was a “vulnerability” and there was insufficient basis for summary judgment.

He was investigated for alleged crimes of money laundering and false documents

In July, before going on leave, García Castellón agreed to open a case for alleged crimes of money laundering and falsification of documents, after he failed in a secret and “prospective” case of alleged irregular funding of training, in which he was also involved. Convicted a politician and other founders of Podemos, without even being given the status of accused, because the prosecutor’s office and the superior authority reprimanded the judge of the national court.

García Castellón is now focusing on some transfers between the Monedero company, Caja de Resistencia Motiva 2 Producciones SL, the company VIU Europa and the Banco del Alba, to prepare a consulting report on the financial areas of the Alba countries.

The origin of the case, moreover, is a 2016 dossier of the PP political brigade, the content of which was dismissed by the Supreme Court and which five years later was softened by former military officer Hugo with some “third-party narratives”. “El Polo” Carvajal. Hugo Chavez’s former head of military intelligence only “intended to delay” his extradition to the United States, according to judges in the Criminal Chamber.

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