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The National Court accuses the husband of the mayor of Marbella of criminal organization and drug laundering

Swedish and Spanish police cooperation made it possible last year to dismantle an alleged criminal organization that exported large quantities of marijuana and hashish from Andalusia to the Scandinavian country. The judge of the National Superior Court, Manuel García Castellón, proposed on September 29 that 27 people be tried as members of the network, including Lars Gunnar Broberg, the husband of the mayor of Marbella, and the popular party senator, Ángeles Muñoz, with whom he was associated. He has two sons. However, due to the defendant’s severe physical and mental deterioration, the process against the businessman was stopped.

The anti-narcotics prosecution of the National Court and the investigating judge indirectly accused the Swedish businessman, who has been in Marbella for decades, of “active” membership of a criminal organization and another of money laundering through drug trafficking. Both crimes are punishable by up to 14 years in prison. In addition, Lars Gunnar Broberg is one of the defendants who was granted a 25 million euro post-sentence bail by the judge, a bond that disappeared after the case against him was dismissed.

Lars Gunnar Broberg, 80, is a prosperous construction businessman who the mayor of Marbella – a family doctor before entering politics – attributes to the luxurious life he, his children and stepchildren enjoy. The family traditionally live in a mansion, which real estate portals value at 12 million euros and which the couple acquired when they bought a company in Gibraltar that owned a luxury home.

Indeed, one of Angels Muñoz’s sons, Joachim Peter Broberg, is considered one of the leaders of the criminal organization. When the police and the Civil Guard used their investigation, on February 9, 2021, Joachim Peter was not in Spain, although he was later arrested in Brazil. Her 80-year-old father was arrested in Marbella and later released without bail.

As described in the indictment, which had access to, “from the end of the investigation to the historic moment of the trial, and most likely, the conclusion is that we are facing a criminal organization led by citizens of Swedish nationality.” together with representatives of German and Polish nationalities in Spain”.

The organization, continues the judge, is dedicated to “narcotics, mainly hashish and marijuana, which they export in large quantities from Spain to Scandinavian countries, mainly to Sweden.” The investigated group operates, the instructor concludes, “in order to make a large and quick profit, carries out money laundering and concealment using third countries.”

The above order is a summary of operations to remove drugs from the organization and to launder the proceeds. One of the stepsons of the mayor of Marbella, named Joachim Broberg, acts as the drug “boss and is responsible for maintaining contact with suppliers and customers”, the first of which is located in Morocco, while the buyers are Swedes and others. European countries.

The real estate business that brought Lars Gunnar Broberg so much income is central to the investigation of the plot in Marbella. The judge speaks of “a complex structure in which relations of hierarchy and discipline can be recognized, in which Joachim Broberg [hijo de Lars e hijastro de la alcaldesa] Acts as a boss, occupies a prominent place.”

The proximity of the mayor’s grandson to the field of local government did not go unnoticed by the investigators. García Castelloni claims that Joachim Broberg has “contacts in the field of real estate” and “arranges meetings with people who hold public functions or influence certain officials in order to obtain the necessary information in the context of their criminal activities.”

On the other hand, Joachim’s father and Ángeles Muñoz’s husband, Lars Gunnar Broberg, appears in two operations to divert the origin of the money, always to help his son. According to the judge’s interim findings, screening companies are constitutional to carry out real estate transactions. For this, the organization creates the company Altario Investement SL. Joachim led the money laundering operation “with the knowledge and supervision of his father”, collects the car.

The second operation, in which Muñoz’s husband appears, is related to the purchase of a farm called El Herrojo, through a complex system of money circulation, loans and the exchange of shares, in which Altario Investement, a company created by Joachim and Lars Gunnar Broberg. Here, the money laundered is encrypted, 2,009,820 euros.

Following the arrest of the stepmother and her husband, the mayor of Marbella said her husband’s dignity would be demonstrated when the “mystery of the resume” was lifted. “Everything will be black on white,” he said at the time. Muñoz also linked the police and judicial operation to an attempt to damage Marbella’s image.

María Ángeles Muñoz is in her third term as Marbella mayor, having first arrived in 2007 with the promise of reviving local politics after the mandates of Jesus Gilles and Julián Muñoz. His hold on Marbella PP was absolute for 23 years. In October 2021, he was re-elected for a fourth term, in which he received the support of the president of the Andalusian government, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, and the then president of the junta, Alberto Núñez Feijoo, who traveled to Marbella for the occasion.

The adviser was involved between 2010 and 2020 in the Lindes case, in 2009 the transfer of some land in Marbella to the neighboring town of Benahavis, which made it possible to build on the area, 63% of which is owned by a company of which Lars was the sole administrator. Gunnar Broderg, husband of Maria Angeles Muñoz. The case went to the Supreme Court, with the assistance of the prosecutor’s office, but the high court rejected Muñoz’s responsibility for the events.

Muñoz, who came to the city of San Pedro de Alcantara in the nineties as a family doctor, is 62 years old, has two children from a previous marriage and two stepchildren of Lars Gunnar Broberg. One of the latter is 49-year-old Joachim Broberg, who adds drug trafficking to the crimes attributed to his father (criminal organization and money laundering) in the indictment of Judge Garcia Castellon.

Among the civil servants he has come into contact with is a local police officer who depended on Marbella City Council, who was also prosecuted. According to the case, the agent “provided information restricted to police use at the request of Joachim Broberg in exchange for cash.”

Source: El Diario





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