ERC, PNV and EH Bildu clear the way for budgets after no amendments to all of them

The government sees the approval of the 2023 general state budget. Minutes before 14:00 this Friday, when the deadline for amendments to all new accounts expired, the three main partners of the progressive executive, ERC, PNV and EH Bildu, confirmed that they would not register replacement texts for the project. In any case, these forces will continue to negotiate with Montclois to find an agreement that will allow them to finally support the budget in the Congress of Deputies. Those who registered them were PP, Vox, Ciudadanos and Junts.

After threatening until the last moment, the ERC finally decided not to submit this change to the entire government project. According to the sources of the parliamentary group, “with this decision, Esquerra Republicana gives space and contributes to the creation of conditions that allow the ongoing negotiations to be open, fully aware of the serious context of the economic and social crisis that we have to deal with.” .”

Republicans warn that despite rejecting the amendment, “we are still far from approving the accounts” because, in their opinion, “the budget has a lot of room for improvement and should be accompanied by a request for structural measures.” In terms of housing, a change in the energy model, adequate regional and local financing and fiscal reforms to alleviate the social emergency.”

Esquerra Republicana also calls on Pedro Sánchez’s government to invest in Catalonia’s infrastructure, “whose performance has been clearly insufficient”, they criticize. In addition, they describe it as “essential” that all actors contribute “to the creation of the necessary conditions of confidence to sustain the ongoing negotiations, to reach agreements” clearly referring, without naming them, to the ongoing negotiations. Negotiations with the central government to address reforms that strengthen the “dejudicialization of the Catalan conflict”, as in the case of the crime of sedition.

At the same time that the ERC confirmed its position on the budgets, EH Bildu also confirmed that they will not present the amendment in its entirety, which would pave the way for the legislature to approve the latest accounts.

Also this morning, PNV said it will not replace all public accounts. As confirmed by the formation, they took this decision after reaching an agreement on the renewal of the quota, the details of which will be announced this Friday by the speaker of the Basque group of the Congress, Aitor Esteban.

Source: El Diario





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