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PP reduces Ayuso’s statements about sexist chants to another “opinion” to “respect”.

“We respect all opinions, of course.” With this concise and cold message, they send the PP the reaction of the President of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, to the sexist and violent chants uttered by the residents of the Elias Ahuja residence against the women who live in the adjacent housing. Although the leader of the party, Alberto Núñez Feijo, outlined the events as “unacceptable” and asked “to continue working in all areas to end these intolerable macho attitudes”, Ayuso chose to go alone to avoid condemnation, explicit or implicit, and attack the prosecution’s case Because of the opening to decide whether or not to act on what happened.

To questions from journalists who wanted to know if the president of the region had condemned sexist abuse, the answer was a resounding “no”. Ayuso didn’t stop there: “What I condemn is that the prosecutor’s office is now suddenly focused on this, and when something very serious happens at the university, at the university level, in coexistence, absolutely nothing is said.”

In case there was any doubt, the Madrid PP leader continued in the voice of Feijo: “It’s not that I condemn it, it’s that there’s a lot more that happens every day and we politicize it all the time, every day. everything”.

In this way, the president of Madrid will deepen the differences, not only in form, but also in substance, with his leader. But not only. The secretary general, Cuca Gamarra, called the events “disgusting machismo” and concluded: “These songs have no place and no justification in Spanish society.”

Similar to the message posted by Congressional Vice President Anna Pastor: “These images make me angry. Our society must fight to eliminate all sexist and degrading acts against women. And it’s a nasty scream.”

The public prosecutor’s office in Madrid decided to open a case surrounding sexist chanting, but not on its own initiative, but as a result of a complaint from the Movement Against Intolerance led by Esteban Ibarra. The Public Ministry explained that the investigation is aimed at possible crimes against fundamental rights and public freedoms, which include hate crimes. He also announced that his first step would be to provide the police with all the information he has about the events.

This not only made Ayuso attack the prosecution, but once again charted a different course than Feijo. And this is that the President of Madrid did not remain alone and received the support of his subordinates in the PP of Madrid, such as his Secretary General Alfonso Serrano or his predecessor Anna Cummins.

While Elias Ahuja’s leadership opens a Internal investigation into the incidentAt the party’s national headquarters, on Calle de Génova in Madrid, they are trying to keep Ayuso’s desire to instigate a cultural struggle against the coalition government and equality policies whenever possible from turning into a new internal fire.

Source: El Diario





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