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The nightmare of losing a relative and having PP tell you how to feel

On March 26, 2020, Isabel Diaz Ayuso announced a “shock plan for nursing homes.” Necessary measures were taken by the sole order of the Ministry of Health, since “the protection of the most vulnerable population from this virus, the elderly, was the priority of the regional government,” the statement said. Almost immediately, a company founded by the daughter of a former senior PP official was tasked with strengthening the residences. His greatest professional experience was as sales manager of Telepizza.

It was said that he was going to medically arrange residential buildings. Such a thing has never happened. Everything was limited to the visit of a private ambulance company, which could do little in the face of the terrible spectacle that was found in the first months of the pandemic. Encarnación Burgueño, Ayuso’s supposed great hope, was very clear about his plans: “As we continue, we are going to become the kings and masters of the social and health management of the Autonomous Community of Madrid,” he said in later reports. . Big business is brewing.

In the scant ten days that his failed intervention lasted, an estimated 3,000 people died in residences in the region. A total of 7291 people died. The doors of overcrowded hospitals were closed to the elderly.

There were seven thousand reasons to question the image of success that the popular party wanted to spread from the first moment in Madrid, even with the videos that presented Ayuso as the savior of Spain. That’s why they always refused to create a commission of inquiry in the Assembly of Madrid.

There are many ways to protect this block. The PP of Madrid put forward several reasons that many families of the deceased find particularly damaging. Vice President Enrique Osorio crossed the threshold this week as Vox, which voted for the commission, now appears to have changed its mind. He did this on behalf of the families and the right to speak on behalf of their feelings.

“This commission has only an electoral interest,” Osorio said at a news conference Wednesday, “and it will cause unnecessary harm to families who may think again, ‘Could the death of my relative have been prevented?’ I think the families got over it.”

Osorio responded to the first signs of opposition outrage by tweeting a longer snippet of his speech — not much, about 30 seconds longer — that almost made it worse. Ayuso’s number two was heard resorting to a glove joke in the 8M demonstration.

He wasn’t going to make amends or apologize to those close to him when he didn’t even want to give up on the false conspiracy that his boss had repeatedly mentioned.

Journalist Angeles Caballero lost his mother, Julia, in the pandemic and he does not stop crying for her. It is not risky to think that thousands of people are like him, because how can you overcome the death of a father, mother or grandmother, especially if you doubt that they could have been saved?

“You, the speaker of the community in which I live and where I pay taxes,” Caballero wrote after listening to Osorio, “cannot grasp the pain of 7,291 people.” Mainly because there are a lot of duels and a lot of casualties. Direct and collateral, with whom he did not speak and therefore does not know the need for a commission of inquiry to investigate what happened in those days.”

Osorio thought that of course he could do that and represent the pain of these families if it suited him politically. He was proud of it, as he showed the other day at the Madrid Assembly. And PP deputies agreed that their vice-president is the best representative of these people. The only one who cares to listen.

For this reason, they applauded enthusiastically, precisely because he did not apologize, even in the usual format of apologizing “if anyone could feel offended.” There is no concession on families, lest the opposition use them to their advantage. In the afternoon, at the end of the plenary session, the deputies of his party gave him an ovation. As if he were a hero.

Dias Ayuso was careful not to mention the vice president by name. As for the commission, he said that it is only trying to “deflect the pain of the families”. He accused the opposition of lying about Madrid being one of the European regions with the highest number of deaths per capita (second only to Italy’s Lombardy). He boasted that “we had the most sanitary materials, which is impossible because the central government in every country had the most resources to buy it.

He also said that he has no problem meeting with families. His government took care to prevent this. This will lead to awkward situations. “They refused to meet their relatives and now they dare to speak on their behalf and tell them that they are over it,” accuses Monica Garcia. “Release what? You guys knew you were going to die ingloriously.”

This is what someone who knows what Ayuso did in 2020 said, the one who was his social minister, Alberto Reyero, from Ciudadanos, who resigned in October 2020. He told us about his experience in the book “Moriran De Unworthy Road”. , where he confirms the worst suspicions about how the elderly were abandoned in residential homes.

“The result of the protocols, the most immediate, is that there were people who could have been saved in the hospital and couldn’t be saved,” he said a few days ago. “Many died in terrible conditions, because the very situation of the pandemic meant that relatives could not enter their residences.

This is the nightmare that Ángeles Caballero and many of his ilk have lived through: “We don’t want to reopen the wound, Mr. Osorio, but to not close it.”

Osorio managed to increase this pain. That’s a political achievement you can be proud of on your resume.

Source: El Diario





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