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Calvino is asking for a spot in Marvel castings

Over the past few years, Marvel has produced so many superhero and female superhero movies that it needs a constant supply of characters for the casting department. In the most unlikely place, in the stone mass of the Ministry of Economy, there is a candidate who is pushing hard. He could be paired in the movie with Doctor Strange, who seems like a laid-back guy who he could make small talk with about interest rates and the money supply while feeding him dirt.

The question remained, how would he handle the violent scenes where you have to blow your head off a mad alien while hugging as a child. Nadia Calvino showed on Wednesday that if given a hammer, she knows how to use it.

Vox’s speaker started one of the usual phrases in parliamentary debates during the control session. They are fake, but what matters is their rhetorical effect. Exaggeration in politics is not even a sin. Since you came into government, I don’t know any Spaniard who has prospered.

How many friends or acquaintances does Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros have? Probably everyone has a lot of money and their existence does not depend on social costs. By their own admission, they would be the type of people who don’t want to pay Social Security to domestic workers. Let the state take care of it. They prefer to take advantage of cheap and docile labor, that is, without labor rights.

What the Vox spokesperson didn’t expect was to be dumped by someone he didn’t count on. The question was about the economic vice-president, politically elevated under the clouds of Brussels, in a world where a good Excel table is enjoyed as much as a few beers and a few pints. When he wanted to realize it, it was already too late. jumped on it…

Furious Technocrat!!!

“You say you don’t know any Spaniards who benefit from this government action. Well, you’ll have to check with your friends,” Calvino replied. It’s normal before that. Almost the required answer. Friends of Espinosa, heh, heh. Imagine them. Don’t forget the monastery of Rocchio and its plans Lofts unlicensed. Well, not a big deal.

From that moment, Calvino’s eyes lit up and he started shooting fire at the opponent’s seat. Espinoza de los Monteros did not see the twenty-car train heading towards him. Neither did the socialist deputies. The latter did not bother, because the surprise excited them even more.

“You mean you don’t know anyone who makes minimum wage as a professional? Don’t you know any young people who got their first permanent job thanks to labor reform? Applause of the government parties started from here. Politicians love to list. At rallies they work very well because they can wake up even the most sleepy public.

Pedro Sanchez started to laugh. Not to smile, not to laugh at the sight of his vice president breaking Espinoza’s bones.

“That you don’t know anyone who is on a scholarship?” Calvino continued, already packing to select the best. emphasizes of the day – Don’t you know someone who is benefiting from investing in education? That you don’t know anyone who benefits from public health, free public transport, self-employed support, ERTES, company support, ICO guarantees, minimum living income, support for families with poor children?

Fortunately this was a controlled session and each participant has a maximum of two and a half minutes. But Calvino still had time to deliver another hammer blow to the Vox deputy, or what was left of him. Meanwhile, Santiago Abascal carved a half-smile into the plan: the one that falls on us.

“But how is it, Monsieur Espinosa de los Montero, that you do not know a real Spaniard?” Calvino concluded. MPs from PSOE and United We Can stood up like crazy to applaud. Fade to black in the mind of a Vox speaker.

If it were a football game, the team doctor would jump onto the field at that moment with a stretcher, a defibrillator and a death certificate ready to sign just in case.

In just two minutes, Nadia Calvino offered left-wing MPs a campaign guide for the 2023 election year, specifically to deal with the far-right. There is no need to focus on anti-fascism because we have already seen how little it worked in Italy and not much better in Madrid or Andalusia. It seems more effective to do a variation of “What did the Romans do for us?” adapted to the social spending measures approved in the legislature.

“I was moved. It came from my soul,” Calvino said later on La Sexta. Spanish politics has not completely lost its ability to surprise. We now know not only that technocrats have soul, but also that they can develop coherent and effective left-wing messages. what will be next Flying cars?

Source: El Diario





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