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Feijo: “I miss the decision and speed in the EU’s response to the crisis caused by the war”

Alberto Núñez Feijo and José María Aznár have seen little, to say nothing, since the former took over as PP leader last April. This Friday, the two together shut down Faes Campus, a large right-wing foundation that the former prime minister uses as a platform for media pressure. In a conversation that lasted more than an hour, Aznari was hooked by the Galician’s free-flowing style… until the bills hit. Especially those that affect those who have amassed a great legacy like him. There, Aznar resumed his usual tone and spoke of “only a leftist” and “disoriented” who wants to “eat taxes” for people. Feijo, more restrained in manner, sent a message against the management that the EU is dealing with the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine.

Both were summoned to a dialogue that never happened, called “Europe after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.” They talked little about the continent and the war in Ukraine and a lot about Spain. However, Feijo has not stopped short of criticizing European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, with whom she is already openly at loggerheads over the direction of the European response to the Russian invasion.

Feijo assured that historically “Europe has always reacted and reacted with great enthusiasm”. But, he added, “in these six months as president”, he missed “this determination and this speed in the decisions of the Union, because if we are in a conflict that affects Europe much more directly than anywhere else in the world. In the region, and it also affects energy , the inflationary spiral and the war started with hunger, are not big news either.

Thus, the PP leader does not hide his disagreement with the European PP partner in the fight that his predecessor Pablo Casado was already continuing. The PP opposed the gas cap, which the EU eventually dropped, and it is studying how to roll it out across Europe. Also against a tax on the extraordinary profits of power companies, which von der Leyen vehemently defended to the point of forcing Feijoa to withdraw.

Even the so-called energy transition is a source of disagreement. While the Commission President defended polluting energies before the European Parliament, including the abandonment of Russian gas, this Friday Feijo asked for the opposite: a “reset” of the plan. In a not quite correct medical analogy, the PP president said: “If we are in an emergency situation, palliative cannot be done. Surgical decisions must be made.” By the way, don’t close thermal power plants and tax CO2 emissions.

Both defended nuclear power and fracking. Aznar even said that this gas extraction system “hasn’t caused a single death or earthquake.” What he went on to say could be attributed to nuclear power. Nevertheless, it is “substantial”.

The economy cannot survive another five years of coalition government

“Today’s leadership does not interpret reality and has no plans for the future,” Aznar said, not only to the EU but to all world leaders who are not. The former president attended the UN General Assembly, where he heard, as he said, “speeches and arguments as if nothing had happened in the world.”

For example, Aznar laments that the “2030 Agenda targets” are being maintained, one of the great enemies of the global far-right. This includes the energy transition, which Aznar despised: “The energy transition agenda has unrealizable, impossible deadlines and mechanisms,” he said. “Absolutely absurd,” he explained.

The disagreement between the Spanish PP and Brussels is not only about energy policy. The Commission on Fiscal Affairs, headed by von der Leyen, supports tax increases because tax revenue is “very necessary”.

But Feijo and Aznar praised the PP’s open fiscal warfare between regions to lift taxes on the upper classes. And, yes, the former prime minister has expanded. “Now the carnivorous left is still saying the poorer the better,” he said of the wealth tax, which he labeled “the property of the deranged and carnivorous left.”

Feijo described the new wealth tax announced by the coalition government as “frivolous” and said “it’s a distraction” because “they don’t want to cut taxes on middle and low incomes”. The PP president assured that the coalition government’s economic responses to the crisis are a mistake and something “incompatible with the euro” and that “Spain cannot last another five years”. Perhaps the PP leader is not so clear that he has won the general election at the end of 2023.

Source: El Diario



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