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Podemos will hold primaries from October 10 to identify candidates for local and regional elections

Podemos plans to hold primaries on October 10 to nominate its candidates for the next municipal and regional elections to be held in May 2023, party sources said. The process will be held under the slogan “Power that transforms” and, according to their statement, will last until November 4. Later, from the 4th to the 6th of the same month, their fall university will be held where the selected candidates will be presented.

After this event, Podemos will start a route across the country, in which it will hold events with members of the state leadership and positions from the territories. The first stops will be in Aragon, Madrid and Asturias.

On Friday, as stated in the statement, the first session of the Election Commission will be held. The process begins in the midst of some media reports indicating that the brand is weak. However, party sources claim that the idea is not to look for a new brand, but to present under United We Can or the strongest option. That is, if IU has more power in some cities put IU+Podemos or if Leganes works Leganemos continue with this name.

The formation wants, the note said, “to continue to play a key role in the coalition government in a humble, non-conformist horizon for the future, in which it seeks to accumulate more forces to drive decisive deep transformations.”

Source: El Diario





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