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Javier Ortega Smith took to the floor of Congress this week to introduce a bill that would seek to absolve those who shot a burglar who broke into their home four times from any criminal liability. Moreover, the general secretary of Vox wanted to award a medal to these people. The game there was consistent. His representative in parliament, Ivan Espinoza de los Monteros, shot Macarena Olona in the forehead between the eyebrows on Thursday. BANG.

A former Vox MP committed a heinous crime in the far-right community by using force to demand his return to politics and challenge leadership decisions. Even one of the far right’s most charismatic figures will have no mercy.

An interview Olona gave to ABC the same day put an end to the mystery. He did nothing but reiterated that everything was waiting for a meeting with Santiago Abascal to clarify everything. The leader of Vox began to express some disbelief about his attitude and even about the illness that allegedly forced him to leave the Andalusian parliament a few weeks before the elections. Olona chose not to be discreet at all and gave two interviews to media outlets closely followed by the Vox pollster, Carlos Herrera’s program on Cope and the newspaper ABC.

In the second interview, Criticism aroused in the heart of the national leadership. Vox operates as a business corporation. The one who makes the decisions is the president, who is assisted by a small group of employees. Others have an obligation to comply with orders in writing. The party does not believe in autonomy and does not accept that regional directorates can ignore guidelines. It is an absolute monarchy in which only a few actors have a voice.

Olona again mentioned the people who left Vox because of this authoritarianism. “I always hear the same words: the lack of internal democracy and the treatment of the party organization when the voice is raised. Not considered respectful treatment. That Olona is surprised by this at this point is surprising or even funny, since it’s been an essential feature since day one.

To complete the harshness of the threat, he referred to the one he identified as his archenemy, Javier Ortega Smith: “I know very well that the most difficult position in the party is, without a doubt, the position of general secretary. Alternative, the party can never be exclusive.”

Olona’s rudeness was no longer funny. They aimed not at left-wing and nationalist parties – they always celebrated big – but at Vox itself. “Our Macarena,” as Federico Jimenez Losantos called him, became Macarena, the traitor.

He had to serve a sentence for someone he worked with in Congress, Espinosa de los Montero, “with tremendous pain,” he said.

“Considering the damage caused by this, we can say that this is the end of the road,” said the spokesperson of the Parliament. The end of the road together, of course. Although it was pretended there were others doing the damage, it is clear that Vox got into all the trouble because of the public statements of his former deputy.

Vox quickly got down to business. He twisted some of Irene Montero’s statements to accuse her of pedophilia. Most of his followers, still traumatized by the news about Olona, ​​paid more attention to the internal crisis.

Most of the comments were very critical of the former MP, and some were almost derogatory. “He dug his own grave. He’s out of Vox with no chance of going back to being an idiot,” said one. Others blamed him for the lackluster election results in Andalusia, which fell short of expectations, or said that the national leadership’s instructions “went overboard,” although in reality all of Vox’s regional campaigns are run with an iron fist from Madrid. .

Few suspected that Olona was preparing a new political party that would directly compete with Vox, recalling a photo he recently took with Mario Conde. If they wanted paranoia, a few hours later they got a real scare when they learned that he’s holding a conference next Monday in Seville, presented by a banker who spent time in prison over Banesto’s bankruptcy.

It was Olona who shared the photo with Mario Conde at the previous conference on September 19. What was going through his head was thinking it was a good idea to do this in the midst of problems with Vox’s direction. He has lost the will to act as protagonist or to send a warning message to the party. His speaking tour to various universities was seen as an attempt to show his rivals that he is as popular as Abascal and much more than other leaders.

With the brilliance that her presence in Congress gave her, Macarena Olona has gone too far and now joins the list of politicians who have finally found themselves more important than their party. Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo is another example, and she proved it on Thursday by voting on a Vox proposal that sought to impose Article 155 on Catalonia regarding education policy. PP leadership voted against.

It is never entirely clear whether this behavior is the result of independent judgment or arrogance. Along with Olona and Alvarez de Toledo, it is legitimate to suspect that the latter carries his weight.

The reality is that there are always candidates who want to replace the politicians who thought they were so important. In a control session this week, Vox MP Inés Canizares called “los gabachos” a French food company that has many stores in Spain. There are political scenarios in which vulgarity or the ability to suppress an opponent is valued. The original Macarena Olona is now history at Vox, but there will be many more Macaroni Willingness to occupy this position.

Source: El Diario



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