Macarena Olona, ​​the diva who managed to make Abascal nervous

Macarena Olona is in Latin America to promote the sacred art of Andalusia. This is not a randomly generated headline by an algorithm looking to have fun, but a fact, at least according to the former Vox MP himself. Meanwhile, your party or former party or future party – choose the version that seems most credible to you – finds itself immersed in an unprecedented situation. Now it is their leaders who seem confused by the external threat that manifests itself in arrogance, half-truths, or arguments that are only meant to be mocked. They are testing the same medicine that was applied to other parties.

Olona is not isolated at home or in Latin America and reflects on her personal future. He stirs up a hornet’s nest to unnerve the leaders who sent him to the Andalusian elections against his will and who were then stunned to see him resign for health reasons.

Now he says that it is already clear and Santiago Abascal will be the first to return from the trip. Before that, he will sweat. She gave the girl from Alicante on Monday Interview with Carlos Herrera in a coup that involved settling scores with his domestic enemies. “What we have experienced since the elections in Andalusia has never been experienced in my party,” he said, confirming that he believes that someone must pay for all this and it will not be him.

He cited “some leaks in the media that I absolutely identified with internal leaks that caused a lot of pain.” Vox used to be “family,” he said, which will surely surprise local and regional leaders who are being told from Madrid how to sit down and speak in public.

Olona managed to break the image of the unity of Vox, which was always supported by the fact that everyone is obliged to follow the orders of the national leadership. He also admitted that the party is losing support. In a very reassuring triumph of euphemism, he said he had met people “who miss Vox.” This is something the Party will not admit even under torture. And Olona is with a knife stuck in the wound and that smile with a sadistic point that he likes when he attacks his rivals.

You can see from Abascal’s reaction to his interview with Federico Jimenez Losanto last week that it is hurting him. The presenter asked him about Olona’s condition, and the image of the Vox leader, who seems to be afraid of nothing and no one, was shattered.

It took four seconds, which took forever to begin to answer, and at first only made it clear that he didn’t know what to say. “No, I can’t explain Many things, Federico”.

If he bit his tongue, the worst was later, when he surprised everyone by announcing that Olona had left the party: “I think that if he was a state attorney, he cannot be associated with the party.” This legal restriction does not exist, as Olona himself made clear. He didn’t even return to the state bar because he postponed his supposed return to December. Probably not then, because it appears from his words that he is preparing to return to Vox. Not in Andalusia. He may be planning to run again as a congressional candidate in the 2023 general election in Granada province.

Olona remained in the headlines over the summer with his participation on the Camino de Santiago with all the histrionics he can muster. He was taken by surprise due to health reasons that prevented him from working in the Andalusian Parliament, but not putting dozens of kilometers between his chest and sword. Later, Jerry was on a short speaking tour of universities, the first leg of which featured an effigy of him in Granada, accompanied by a large number of police to protect him from protesters.

This Friday, he plans to hold another similar conference in Murcia. This will probably translate into more photos, more headlines, and Olona’s message that she’s being persecuted for her ideas, not Traitors at Vox, who leaked the news about him from their offices. Ortega Smith is thinking of you.

Sacrifice does not cause immediate consequences. You have to invest in it. Olona captioned a photo of himself on Twitter, which police are carrying in Granada.

Olona’s diva mannerisms in Congress contributed to her popularity among far-right supporters. In line with his fellow seats, he did not spend much time explaining the party’s program. It was more profitable to focus on aggressively attacking other people’s ideas. Like the bull, voxels like to think. Like Michael Myers In Halloween moviesThere is another way to describe them.

His usual repertoire included threats against other politicians, accusations or promises to sue them for his supposed legal genius. Always with a smile on his lips as the others had to check that he was enjoying the moment.

The ammunition used by him was not limited: You called Ordonez a Franco and the next thing was the ETA strike And his murder,” he told Socialist lawmaker and former San Sebastián mayor Odon Elorza. Elorza and Ordonez shared a government team in the city council as mayor and deputy mayor. Enemy reputation and enjoy a cult following?

It seems that Olona wants to use everything at his disposal to make a triumphant return. That Vox voters believe there is no hope without it. For this reason, an article by ABC’s Juan Manuel de Prada was uploaded to Twitter, which is setting him on fire. The writer characterizes the separation of the former deputy. “From the right check you thought you were a queen, because you wanted Spain to worship you alone. But you will only become the target of cruel jokes, skits and grotesque and silly satire. Macarena, stop the car, your pot is going!

Olona obviously wanted his 400,000 followers on social media to know how much he hates the defense of Spain by both the nasty Reds and the angry right-wing. Abaskal must save them at all costs, he tells them. For Spain and the pot in Olona’s head.

Source: El Diario





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