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Gikhon’s mayor refuses to appear after losing his pulse, forcing him to go to the primary

The mayor of Gikhon, Anna Gonzalez, is leaving her candidacy in the next municipal elections of 2023. He is doing this after losing the pulse with the local leadership who sponsored the signature collection process by forcing the primary process. In the PSOE, governors are automatically candidates unless they decide to take a step back or directly claim half of the electoral process plus one from the relevant region or district militant. That’s what happened in Gijon, where 662 members called for a primary to oust a councilor whose management, particularly the widening of the promenade, had been called into question.

The collection of signatures was announced in August and was promoted by veterans of the Gijón group fighting against the criteria of the leadership of the Asturian Socialist Federation (FSA), led by the president of the principality, Adrián Barbón, who described the “Barulu” ra. It was happening in the city. The organization has set the deadline for the collection of rubrics until September 15. On Thursday, 662 signatures were submitted and verified by the leadership. They were 70 more than needed, so the incumbent mayor had no chance of winning the vote.

Asturias received the first term of the primary process envisaged by Ferraz to elect the heads of a list of municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants. The calendar states that applicants will have to advance between September 19 and 20. After the endorsement and nomination process, if there is more than one candidate, the vote will be held on October 9, and if a runoff is required because no candidate has reached 50% of the vote, it will be held in October. 16.

The fight in Gijón begins a few months ago, when he took the reins of the Monchu García group, an opponent of the candidate who supported the mayor, Ivan Fernández Ardura. The councilor’s clash with the local leadership continued throughout these months, and during the summer the local leadership defended the process by which they intended to remove González against the criteria of the FSA and Ferraz leadership. In the end, a criterion was established for the leadership of the group, which gained the necessary support from the militant, to force a primary, which the mayor did not submit, admitting defeat.

Source: El Diario





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