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In the face-to-face meeting with CIS Feijo, the winner Pedro Sanchez is awarded with five points.

Pedro Sánchez and Alberto Núñez Feijo met face-to-face in the Senate on September 6. According to the data of the Center for Sociological Research (CIS), 29% of citizens who followed this debate say that it was won by the president of the government, and 24% who give the victory to the leader of the opposition. 26% answered that none of them won.

This is the data published on Wednesday in a special barometer of the CIS, which is focused only on face-to-face. The poll shows that 78.8% of respondents did not pay attention to the debate, while only 21.1% followed. Of this percentage, 74.4% saw some sections, 16.2% followed practically all of it, and 9% saw all of it.

CIS asked them and also those who, although they did not see it live, were informed after the incident. The result is Sanchez’s victory over Feijo by five points.

29% of those polled by CIS who followed the debate – either live or reported later – said the prime minister won; 24% give victory to the leader of the opposition; 26% answered that neither had won, and one in five did not choose.

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