Ceuta’s ex-PP councilor, who was inoculated and banned from a juvenile center, is organizing another party.

Javier Guerrero became famous outside of Ceuta in the last week of January 2021. On the 20th, it became known that he was vaccinated against Covid-19, skipping all protocols and before almost everyone else, as well as the rest of the leadership, by the Ministry of Health. In Host 21, he attracted more attention from the national media, who he later called “hyenas”, when he claimed that he was vaccinated almost out of obligation because he “doesn’t like vaccines”. He reached Zenith at the age of 26, when he resigned, saddened and in tears, convinced that he had acted “correctly and conscientiously”.

During the last year and a half, he first ran for the position of chairman of the regional PP, and then resigned when he learned that he would not have a free way. In the spring he left the PP and this summer he launched his own party, Ceuta Avanza, which replaces the seagull with a pimpant mackerel as its logo. With him, she aspires to fulfill her dream of becoming mayor and replacing Juan Vivas, whom she blames for all her ills. About being a counselor, of course, but also that since January he has been categorically banned from entering the juvenile centers he frequented so often.

Announcing his “personalistic” and unstructured project, he admitted that he has no ideology either: “I came to contribute to the human side… Ideologically, the range is very wide, I start from the range of my supporters and voters. .” Asked which one was his, he replied, “Ask them.” Two weeks later, via press release, it was vaguely placed in “the center.”

Guerrero is never guilty or responsible: “The only mistake I made is that I was honest and decent and I did everything with my heart,” he insisted after throwing the regional government out the back door. If any successful municipal list is to be built with at least one doctor and one teacher. Vivas, president of Ceuta for more than 20 years, put him in PP number 5 along with several other doctors in 2015 and won a fourth consecutive absolute majority, the last. Thanks to the very well-paid residency bonus and their private consultations, none of those doctors wanted to be consultants.

In 2019, he repeated as a candidate and then, yes, agreed to join the government team. It did not take him six months to present an unprecedented request to the Assembly, which no one opposed: to combine his position as Minister of Health with a private medical practice for eight hours a week in the afternoon, and two more to attend to “emergencies”. Some of those who raised their hands in favor then admit today that it was “outrageous”. Პirveli. The threat of a scandal over the purchase of masks undermined his domestic credit. The vaccine was the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’, admit government sources on who became ‘loose verse’.

Incredibly popular with patients of all ideologies, classes and religions in the City of Four Cultures, they were legion, defending him with both the vaccine and his professional cocktail. Guerrero worked for decades, especially in favor of high society, but not only, the goodwill thanks to his contacts and influence in the national health system, where he requested for the second time to extend his pension. However, local analysts, who requested anonymity, doubt that this fervor will translate into votes in direct proportion.

“Ceuta Avanza”, sources consulted by elDiario.es, predicting that they will fight for the first place, which needs 5% of the votes counted, will not get much. “Between a thousand and 1,500 votes.” It is enough for the interests of PP and Vox to minus the worst-case scenario for one seat, good news for the PSOE, which in May will aim to unite the overwhelmingly Muslim electorate with the rest of the left, who are always aggravating. its division.

elDiario.es invited Guerrero to contribute to this report. He was “very interested” but declined. He is “on vacation” and needs to “absolutely switch off”, claim twenty ex-PP militants from his team, disillusioned after not seeing various ambitions fulfilled. The doctor hardly speaks without a net.

In August, he leaked a self-interview to some media outlets to pass it off as authentic, but his last real appearance was on July 26, when he summoned reporters for a controlled explosion in which he failed to remove a syringe. : “I am the victim of some secret and strange movement,” said the doctor, referring to the “sectarian corrals” who seek to “discredit him.”

He referred, without naming names, to “two” people who have a “tremendous grudge” against him and are pursuing him with the blessing of the “upper echelons” of the city. “They already wanted to finish me politically, they can do anything,” he added cryptically, although the ghosts that follow him are not white.

Guerrero began frequenting unaccompanied foreign minors protected by the city during the May 2021 migration crisis, when he was no longer a counselor and more than a thousand children were left alone in Ceuta. According to sources consulted by elDiario.es, he has become a “wise man” able to find the necessary shortcuts to obtain it, public or private, when young people still did not have health care.

He was already singing, remember those who treated him, “When I’m President…” during his “daily” visits to youth homes, each time at more untimely hours. In October, a Facebook post allegedly shared by the family of a Moroccan minor prompted her to file a complaint with the national police for abuse.

Later, even in private, he defended himself with dedication, but his behavior seemed more and more inappropriate. After last Christmas, access to Child Protective Services centers was vetoed, although her best friend Vivas CEO, alleged VP Mabel Dew, was still in charge of minors. Despite everything, according to various sources, he continues to receive minors in the hospital alone.

Guerrero always tried to enter the podium of the mythical doctors of Ceuta. Among them are the almost educated Republican mayor, who was shot dead, Antonio López Sánchez-Prados (“he was already compared in the government,” recalled former cabinet colleagues) and Abdelkrim Sept, with a statue in front of the hospital. And who died in 2013. Even from the opposition, they continue to be likened to this day, because “in the practice of their profession, they put aside all protocol and circumstance with the sole ambition of curing the patient.”

However, it is remembered in his professional circle that when he became a consultant, he left the hospital with “800 unperformed colonoscopies” from a public plan to detect early cancer. INGESA’s territorial directorate, headed by socialist Jesús Lopera, who had been vaccinated as Guerrero immediately received the doses, transferred the doses to Guerrero’s private practice as soon as he left the government.

“People don’t vote for personal favors because no one knows what you put on the ballot, it’s not the same as hand-wringing about compatibility,” warn sociologists and political scientists who don’t believe it’s out of reach. The “overwhelming majority” that Guerrero claims for his supporters doesn’t even get more than his own, at best.

It is not necessary for him to become the Cantabrian Revilla, assimilated by his profile, to become the key to the new government of the city, for which the polls predict a triple tie PP-PSOE-Vox. One may be more than enough. Those who investigated it in order to “not damage the PP” and refuse to declare, found no answer if the bill does not include the withdrawal of Vivas. At the same time, he tried to publicly distance himself from Vox’s racist discourse, touch former IU leaders and push the socialists to see if they would accept a pact with him if they gave him the numbers.

Source: El Diario





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