Justice leaves Rodrigo Rato on the bench for money laundering, corruption and tax fraud.

The court, which has been investigating the finances of Rodrigo Rato, the government’s vice president with José María Aznar, left the case ready for trial. According to Madrid’s High Court of Justice, the instructor took the case to the Madrid Provincial Court, which was tasked with trying the author of the so-called “Spanish economic miracle” along with 16 other people for money laundering. Corruption among natural persons and tax crime.

This is the case in which the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office demanded a 70-year prison sentence for Rato. Meanwhile, the 31st Court of the capital continues to investigate several separate facts related to the civil liability of the former president of Bankia and the director of the International Monetary Fund, and to determine all the assets he has before the bail requested by the justice.

The process, TSJM explains, lasted seven years and served to accumulate more than 70,000 documents related to the management of the property of the former vice president of the Spanish government. Anti-corruption prosecutors accuse him of “hidden wealth from the Spanish treasury” through Irish, Panamanian and British companies with which he invested through bank accounts in the Bahamas, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and Monaco.

All this happened, according to the indictment, behind the treasury and at least since 1999. In other words, under the anti-corruption claim, Rodrigo Rato managed his property abroad and without responding to the public treasury, in positions such as the vice president of the government. Minister of Economy or Director of the International Monetary Fund. His tax crimes, according to the indictment, span from 2005 to 2015.

Source: El Diario





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