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Justice confirms sanctions against police officer for voting for Vox and joking with migrant minors

Justice confirmed two disciplinary sanctions against a national police agent close to Vox, named Alejandro Leon, better known as “Jandro the Lion”, for voting for Santiago Abascal’s party in a YouTube video and also for jokingly attacking migrant minors with a knife. . The two sentences reprimand the agent for using his status as a police officer to convey these types of messages in his videos and also for trying to associate the National Police with Vox three days before the 2019 general election.

Alejandro Leon, known in his various Internet profiles as “Jandro Lion”, is a national policeman based in the city of Mostoles, Madrid, who has been intensely active over the years in various social networks, especially. on his YouTube channel. At the time, he was one of the spokesmen for the now embattled Eussaupolis Police Union, now called Eupolis — never hiding his sympathies for or criticism of Vox’s far-right. against feminism.

Several of these interventions and videos resulted in two sanctions that were recently confirmed by the Litigation-Administrative Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid. A two-month suspension for secretly soliciting votes for Vox in the 2019 general election, and for more than 20 days In a video for joking about attacking foreign minors with a knife that was given to him by the Yupole trade union he belonged to at the time. The agent later apologized for the second knife statements.

The First video It was published three days before the election, and in it this agent of the National Police accused the Royal Decree Approved by the Council of Ministers A week earlier on cyber security, a headline said Spain was mired in a “socialist dictatorship”.

It was at the end of the video that this agent mentioned the election campaign and was proud of the envelope that Vox sent his ballots in, saying, “Oh, that’s understandable, Tronkis.” For the Director General of Police, this gesture went beyond the freedom of expression recognized for the police, tied the body to a particular political party and therefore constituted a serious offense and deserved a two-month sanction without a badge.

The Supreme Court of Madrid recently approved this first sanction. The sentence, which is still under appeal in the Supreme Court, in which the judges rejected all of his defense arguments: there are no formal errors in the procedure, nor did he make these statements in person. The judges clearly believe that Alejandro León uses his status as an agent of the National Police in his videos and that, in this case, he linked his body to a “certain political party”, the extreme right, led by Santiago Abascal, and that in this case. In the elections, he received 52 mandates and more than 3.6 million votes.

“This is a celebrity with a large following on both YouTube and Twitter and is using his status as a police officer and union member to stage these demonstrations,” the judges said. Alejandro Leon, nicknamed “Jandro the Lion” on his Internet profiles, presents himself “as a member of the CNP, if not directly, in the videos he does not wear a police uniform, but uses symbols, anagrams or logos associated with the security forces.” They add. And this covert request to vote for Vox and other comments on Twitter using police and Civil Guard symbols on behalf of the party also violated the political neutrality required of a police officer.

“Despite legitimate criticism that can be protected by freedom of expression, asking Vox to vote in the context of using the symbols of the police institution is contrary to the principles of neutrality and impartiality,” explains TSJM. In Leon’s words, the judges’ decision in this first sentence exceeds the right to freedom of expression, which is more limited in the case of these public officials: “He uses the body he belongs to and they associate the institution with a certain political party.” rebuke the judges.

A second ruling by the same division of the High Court of Madrid just a day earlier confirms the second sanction against this national policeman for another of his most controversial episodes, also committed when he was a member of the Jusapol union. In August 2019, several members of this platform gave him a knife dedicated to him: “Jandro Lyon, the best YouTuber of Jusapol. With love, Jusapol Ciudad Real.” In the video, Leon can be seen picking up a knife and laughingly commenting, “Get ready Mena, I’ll leave them in their place” in an attack on foreign minors living alone in our country. .

The alleged rampant criminality among these minors is one of the political banners of the far right – with no data to back it up, to the point that Vox used it as a political weapon in one of its posters in the 2021 Madrid election campaign. In Alejandro Leon’s case, the Hate Crimes Prosecutor’s Office declined to report him, given that he had not released the images and, in addition, He later apologizedBut he was sanctioned with a 20-day suspension for “disregarding citizens”.

The Supreme Court of Madrid also confirmed this second sanction in an equally appealed judgment before the Supreme Court. The judges again rejected his defense arguments: that it was a private act and that he was not acting in the line of duty, and that he spoke “with no intention of offending any institution”. However, the magistrates understand that their remarks are “undoubtedly offensive and attack the dignity and goodwill of security forces and bodies by trivializing, albeit in jest, attacks on certain groups of people. “, even more so, “from those who are the officials responsible for ensuring our safety.”

His words, joking about the possibility of wounding a foreign minor, are for the High Court of Madrid “a disregard for citizens and a well-known discredit of the CNP”. And he cannot claim that it was a private act, because, first of all, he was awarded as a member of the Jusapol Union, whose representative he was at the time, and he was “a well-known person of some social repercussion”, which multiplied the spread of the facts. “Protection, That it is a private act when it is the petitioner himself who facilitates its public display is a contradiction,” they criticize.

The judges recall that this is not the first time they have sanctioned a national police agent for statements made in public that go beyond their right to freedom of expression, even if they were not made in the course of official duties. In 2020, for example, the same court confirmed the 15-day ban The suspension of a police officer who, after the Jusapo rally in Oviedo in 2017, sent an audio to other police officers via WhatsApp, in which he stated that “today we saw for the first time the sewers of the Ministry of the Interior, that the DAO called me to tell me to leave, that the superior is watching us, that They were blackmailing us all afternoon trying to bribe us,” among others. In that case, the judges also heard that although he was not on duty, he “referred to other colleagues because of his status”.

Source: El Diario



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