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Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz meet to “strengthen the coalition” of PSOE and United We Can

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and Second Vice President Yolanda Díaz held a meeting on Monday, teams from both sides said. In identical statements, both of them considered that “the meeting was very positive and fruitful and served to strengthen the coalition”. “The Spanish government is aware of the great challenges that await the country, and we intend to continue working hand in hand, starting with the general state budget negotiations,” they said in a statement.

The meeting came as the coalition monitoring commission requested by Díaz in July has not yet met due to disagreements between the PSOE and United We Can over the increase in military spending, as well as over the formula to respond to the economic fallout of the crisis. Ukraine.

“Dialogue, conversation between partners is always important and we are in favor of this dialogue between the two sides,” Pedro Sanchez said this morning at a press conference held in Tirana, the capital of Albania, together with the country’s president. On the last day of the Balkan tour.

Sánchez wants a coalition government to come together in the 2023 general election. The Socialist leader believes he will send a good message to the left-wing electorate as he signals demobilization against the right-wing, who are rallying around the PP. The president suggests that Alberto Núñez Feijo is now in the lead, and as all the polls predict, he would now be in first place, but hopes to “turn around” those polls.

from a municipal and regional point of view

Hopes are already high for May’s municipal and regional elections, which will be a prelude to next year’s national elections in December and in which Yolanda Díaz is expected to emerge from the space left of the PSOE.

For all these reasons, Sánchez does not plan to make a two-way stop for the rest of his term, which was a plausible scenario given the unprecedented situation in national politics, which has never seen a coalition government. However, the president insists that it is in the interest of the progressive electorate that the PSOE and United We Can keep the agreement until the end.

“It is good that the government comes together at the end of the legislature. This is a good sign for the future, because it means that the two left-wing forces understand each other,” he explained in an informal conversation with journalists accompanying him on a tour of the Western Balkans, which he made in support of those countries’ entry. European Union.

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