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PP beats PSOE for the first time CIS and Vox sinks

For the first time this term, the Center for Sociological Research estimates that if general elections were held now, the PP would win and the PSOE would have to settle for second place. The July barometer marks for the first time a reversal of a trend already noted by other polls, in which the PP rose after the arrival of Alberto Núñez Feijoo until it overtook the Socialists.

In fact, the barometer for this month of July, which includes the change in voting trends caused, among other things, by the Andalusian elections, indicates that the PP stands at the threshold of 30% of the vote, almost 10. higher than its results in the November 2019 elections.

This month’s barometer shows a change in first place for the first time. PP, which has been rising slowly and with some ups and downs in recent barometers, is now up more than three points in a month. He’s up from 27% in June to 30.1%, his highest mark in the legislature so far and nearly 10 points off his worst mark.

In fact, the new PP of Alberto Núñez Feijoo manages to distance himself strongly from the electoral results achieved by his predecessor, Pablo Casado, who did not exceed 20% in the general elections.

The PSOE is the other side of the June CIS coin. After leading the barometers, a gradual decline in recent months has seen him drop to 28.2%, which, while not his worst performance in the legislature, is enough to put Pedro Sánchez’s party ahead of the popular.

Source: El Diario





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