Sánchez will hit the accelerator after the euphoria of the nation’s debate, putting the PSOE into election mode

If the right still thinks the legislature is over and Pedro Sánchez is in injury time, they are wrong. It goes beyond winning the nation’s debate by a landslide. It’s a contradiction that the president wrote an entire textbook about. He intends to restore the political initiative with measures that strengthen the mandate for life. It is about taking responsibility for the state of mind of citizens, which the current tenant of Moncloa and his entire government are going to convey on the second day of a session that breathed a euphoria not seen in the ranks for months. Socialism. It’s about loud messages that don’t need to be clarified at the bottom of the page, such as the creation of new taxes to tax energy and bank profits. And it is that this party – the consequences of the crisis – is paid not by ordinary people, but by those who pay those who live on salary and juggle every month to balance the bills.

Pedro Sánchez has, in short, managed to break the PP’s discursive framework for possible early elections, as his new tax justice and social protection plan for the middle and working classes will be implemented over the next two years, and as the turnaround of the president’s left after months of dissonance with the government coalition partners union. Leftists of all stripes welcome the president’s leftward turn, while the PP right is silent on a tax on big corporations announced Tuesday by Sanchez, as well as by Belgium’s liberal government, and already in force in at least ten European countries of all stripes, not exactly social democrats or communists.

How long the coalition’s renewed unity will last, as well as the left’s tumult, will depend on whether citizens perceive that the president’s ideological rearmament has not been the cross-dressing exercise he has shown in the wear and tear. polls, nor was this a story constructed to emerge from a decisive parliamentary debate. “This is a strategy of continuity, a declaration of intent in a time of economic uncertainty, and that the president is not hiding or trying to put on a hot coat of arms, but meeting it with resolve and compassion for the middle and working classes,” they argue. Monclovita Plumbing.

After the disastrous failure of the Andalusian elections, the head of government stepped on the accelerator and gave instructions to put the PSOE in electoral mode so that the party would be running at full speed on the first day of September. Elections Regional and municipal elections in May 2023. It is in this context that both the government and the federal headquarters take it for granted that Sánchez will make adjustments not in the Council of Ministers, but in Ferraz’s team.

“The indecency with which the differences between the deputy general secretary and the secretary of the organization are revealed from the party is both unacceptable and unsustainable,” said socialist sources, recalling that the president was already forced to wake up. At the first meeting of the federal leadership since 19J, which was also affected by the lack of involvement of part of the federal leadership in the Andalusian campaign represented by Adriana Lastra. The only thing that remains to be seen, given the secrecy of the president, is whether the decision is made to restore order in the leadership and neutralize those who are more worried about the destabilization and confusion that will come into office in the month of July. Or it will be in the first week of September.

Before that, in Moncloa, in the party and the socialist group, they are enjoying the result of the debate of the nation, which left them with the certainty of “hitting the right wing”, which after 48 hours, Sánchez announced the creation of paraenergy. Tax and banks have not yet made a statement on this matter. The fact that the PP-affiliated media did not, for the first time, conduct polls about who beat whom during the parliamentary days leaves no doubt as to the position in which the party of Alberto Núñez Feijo remained. And the same can be inferred from the absence of Kuka Gamara for most of Wednesday morning after the unfortunate role he played on day one.

The right will find it difficult to side with big corporations, explain to the public its alignment with those who have the most, or distance itself from pro-working-class measures such as increased scholarships for students or free local and medium-distance transportation. If they’ve learned anything at La Moncloa over the past year, it’s that dismantling the right’s ideological model doesn’t require engaging in culture wars or elevating regional leaders like Isabel Diaz Ayuso, who in previous chapters treated La Moncloa’s western wing as if it were a national It was equal in the league. For example, Sánchez never once mentioned her during the debate to question her policies. It was enough for him to respond to the controversial scholarships for the rich with new aid for students already on scholarships, based on existing income, and a determined commitment to free public transport, dependent on the state, in addition to cuts. The price that is under the jurisdiction of the autonomous communities. From now on, no matter what the leader of Madrid tries, Ayuso’s name will not be in the history of the Socialists, because his policy is already Feijo, who took them on himself.

La Moncloa believes that since Sánchez set this political course that is coming to an end, the left has been activated and consolidated, while the right of the PP has been left “in a corner, from which the powerful have protected”. On the same day, Judge Ismael Moreno of the National Court agreed to open an oral trial against Iberdrola Generación and four directors, considering that in 2013 the company “developed and implemented a system to increase the price of energy sold” “in order to provoke an increase in the price of electricity and harm consumers” “.

It is a bad time to face such practices and uncertain inflation.

Source: El Diario





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