The government’s left-wing partners celebrate Sánchez’s measures, while the PNV criticizes them as a power grab.

While cautious and demanding greater ambition from the progressive government, the ERC, EH Bildu and BNG, the left-wing parliamentary allies of the executive, celebrate the “change of course” and measures announced by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez this Tuesday. A speech in the State of the Nation debate, which included free commuter and medium-distance transport passes or new taxes on electricity companies and banks.

The most optimistic was EH Bildu spokesman Mertke Aizpurua, who considered the measures announced by the CEO to be, he said, “in the right direction” and “in line” with the independence party and parties. “multiple blocks”. “We welcome the fact that the government is open to introducing a tax on banks for the first time and imposing a tax on special concessions for electricity companies,” said Aizpurua, who, however, believes that “the measures should be permanent and structural.” , and “not temporary as announced by Sanchez”.

Likewise, Gabriel Ruffian, ERC’s spokesman in Congress, assured that he sees most of the initiatives proposed by Sánchez as “good”, although he believes that “the life that people face every day is not only temporary. , extraordinary, circumstantial measures. It faces structural, bold and permanent measures.”

“The train subscription proposal is good,” Ruffian said, but “it would be much better if the president followed through on the investment in trains announced in the budget.” In his opinion, the solution to the crisis is “permanent or not”. Asked specifically about the measures announced by Sánchez, Ruffian came to assure that “some” of them are from the ERC. “It’s not that they don’t look good to us, it’s that they’re stingy in what they do,” he added.

According to Esteban, the “brainstorming” of the ministers.

Nestor Rego, the BNG’s spokesman in Congress, considered the measures announced by Sánchez to be “going in the right direction”, although he confirmed that “Galiza was not among the government’s concerns” because Sánchez had not said so. A community unlike others such as Andalusia, Catalonia or the Community of Madrid.

“The BNG intends to continue to demand that the government fulfill its commitments with respect to Galicia, especially with regard to infrastructure and services,” said Rego, who believed that the “historic deficit” with respect to Galicia “further exacerbates the fact that the budget has not been fulfilled. “In the case of Serkanias, the number of people benefiting in Galiza is zero,” he recalled, for which he urged the government to “work on it.”

From the PNV, another partner in the executive branch, its spokesman, Aitor Esteban, considered that there were “flaws” in the Prime Minister’s speech on the first day of the State of the Nation debate. Because, in his opinion, he did not address all the issues that are of interest to the citizens, in general, and the Basques, in particular.

What Sanchez said, he believes, is the result of “Brainstorming without informing the government, all ministers, partners”. “Some of these measures also invade the jurisdiction and have consequences in the economic sphere,” Esteban assured the press conference.

Podemos: “The coalition is the heritage of the people”

Earlier, Social Rights Minister and Podemos leader Ione Bellara said Sánchez’s speech showed the executive was “starting to review course”, as part of United We Can has been calling for “for weeks”. “We are starting to restore the pace of social progress that is so important to deal with the difficult economic situation that the people of our country are experiencing,” he added of the measures announced by Sánchez.

“Today has shown that it is possible to lead, lead and lead and that the coalition is finally the legacy of the people of this country, the people who mobilized in 15M, the feminist movement, the workers and the workers. That taking care of the coalition means what all these people expect of us and of us,” he concluded in remarks to the media at Congress.

Source: El Diario





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