PSOE’s LGTBI secretary is under fire from party feminists for applauding Calvo’s fall for rejecting trans law.

The wound in the PSOE over the trans law guaranteeing gender self-determination is far from closed. The possibility for transsexual people to change their registered gender without any request has pitted an important sector of the party’s feminism against the government of Pedro Sánchez, and the spirit heated up after a few words from the LGTBI secretary, Victor Gutiérrez, in which he points out. that people who “did too much damage to the party” were removed from the “front line” for defying these rules, in an apparent reference to former Vice President Carmen Calvo. The statements, made at a Pride event organized by the UGT, ignited a brush with prominent leaders attacking Gutierrez and coming to the defense of the former equality secretary, who ironically tweeted: “Out of the way. Obstacle… and so on.”

“I know that there are many voices that represent the PSOE that are hurting, but we have to appreciate the deviation that the party has given in recent months,” Gutierrez said at one point in the speech, which was addressed to the party’s feminists. fire. a match. Gutierrez refers to the celebration of the 40th Congress in October, in which he says Pedro Sánchez was “ideologically in favor of the implementation of this LGTBI and trans law” and praises the creation of the LGTBI Secretariat, which he holds. It was his descent into politics from the world of sports as a water polo player. The person in charge of the Ferraz zone also emphasizes to Calvo “the separation of certain voices from the first political line that have done great harm and had positions against this law”, although the opposition to gender self-governance. – The resolution contained in the law promoted by Irene Montero is generalized in socialist feminism.

“We are all human, we make mistakes, we make mistakes, but we also make amends. The PSOE made a mistake that it was able to redirect,” Gutierrez says. “As such a big party, with so many majorities, with so many people, it’s very difficult to get everyone to agree.”

His words fell like a bucket of cold water on the PSOE itself. The head of Equality, Andrea Fernandez, made his partner’s words ugly, though without directly referring to the controversy. “The PSOE stands on hundreds of hands that intertwine and succeed to work for high values ​​such as equality or social justice,” says the Socialist leader, praising Calvo, from whom he received the secretary’s “witness”. of equality, which is the most relevant sectoral area of ​​executive power.

Laura Berga, spokeswoman for equality in Congress, spoke in similar terms. “Because you were, we are. “I am honored to work with Carmen Calvo as a feminist and socialist comrade and president of the Congressional Equality Commission,” said the deputy.

Calvo was the former vice-president of the government and PSOE’s head of equality when the coalition began to negotiate the trans law and showed its inconsistencies with the drafts prepared by the Ministry of Equality. In line with much of the feminism associated with the PSOE, Calvo argued that the change in gender registration should have certain guarantees, among which she raised the testimony of witnesses. In the end he lost that battle and the law that the executive approved provides for gender self-determination unconditionally. Sánchez dropped Calvo during the government reshuffle he undertook last summer, a decision attributed to the former vice president’s attrition as well as his poor harmony with United We Can, largely because of the laws he was forced through. Make an equity portfolio.

In addition to their messages of support for Calvo, veteran socialists hailed the work that feminism has done within the party. “Many of them are feminist women who have done great things for this country and for the PSOE. Someone is confused if they think that feminism was an accident in the PSOE,” said former deputy Ángeles Alvarez, one of the most recognized faces of this sector of the party, who is now far from the front line and very angry with the party’s approval. Law Trans.

Source: El Diario





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