The PSOE, PP, and Vox in Congress are repealing the PNV Act to limit the King’s immunity after lawyers report.

A majority in the House of Representatives, which adds the PSOE, PP and Vox, dropped the PNV bill this Tuesday to limit the king’s inviolability, which was not allowed to be processed so he would not even go to plenary. To consider whether it is provided. The decision, which distanced itself from another force on the table, United We Can, which supported the initiative, came after a report by congressional lawyers who considered it “inappropriate” to start. The process of proposing a clash with the Constitution.

The lower house legal services noted in their report the rule – which is usually carried out in virtually every proposition – that the PNV initiative would “delve into the existing constitutional reservation on the essential elements of the crown as defined in Title II. The Constitution contradicts the legal regime of inviolability of the head of state by claiming normative development, in the conditions under which it is configured in Article 56 3 3 of the Constitution and it is impossible to regulate this issue by a proposal for a law. ”

The aim of the Basque nationalists’ initiative was not to repeat procedural situations such as those involving Juan Carlos I, whose alleged embezzlement and tax fraud cases have been filed by Spanish courts, arguing that inviolability is contained in the constitution. But the parliamentary process was halted just a week after the law was registered by virtue of the Doctrine of the Laws, which hinders any progress in ensuring the transparency of the royal house or in investigating the alleged corruption of King Emeritus.

All demands for the creation of a commission of inquiry, more than a dozen, have fallen through in recent months by a majority of the congressional table with the votes of the PSOE, PP and Vox.

According to Aitor Esteban, the PSOE is “making an ostrich”.

A proposal that falls within the realm of “democratic revival” or “key issues” as described by PNV’s representative in Congress, Aitor Esteban, joins the legislative reforms already introduced in Congress by the Basque group as a Francoist renewal. The law on official secrets related to the improvement of control of the CNI after the espionage scandal, or what is known as Gag’s law. All of them were “more effective than declarative” according to the purpose of the PNV.

“There is an institutional imbalance on the issue of inviolability,” Esteban assured last week. “So it does not seem logical that the constitutional values ​​of equality before the law, the constitutional values ​​of equality before the law, the constitutional values ​​of inviolability … such a broad interpretation of inviolability is done as is currently the case. It is logical that we are moving towards limited immunity. “The short constitutional text that is being processed must be considered,” he added.

The nationalist speaker called on the parliamentary groups in the House to “urgently” introduce this “urgent” reform and sharply mentioned the majority party in the House. “PSOE is the one who prefers. I want to see him do the ostrich again and put himself in the ground if he wants to democratize the institution and the institutional framework. “If there really is a problem, let ‘s leave it alone,” he said.

But yesterday’s famous lawyers’ report put an end to the elaboration of the initiative, as it was used by the majority of the Table representing PSOE, PP and Vox.

Source: El Diario





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