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Anti-Corruption Refuses to Investigate Ayuso Contracts Analyzed by European Prosecutor

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office will not investigate the public contracts of the Community of Madrid on the sanitary material that the European Prosecutor’s Office is investigating. The public ministry has informed United We Can that it is refusing to launch a criminal investigation into 18 million contracts to purchase medical equipment in a pandemic from two companies that have nothing to do with the healthcare sector.

Prosecutor Antonio Romerel claims that had access to “the applicant does not provide any information or documentation” that could indicate that any public official in the community “contributed to the achievement of the cause”. Contracts or violations allowed during its processing. His complaint, the anti-corruption prosecutor adds, is based on “suspicions that opacity instills in him” in the annual reports of one of the companies.

This suspicion, says prosecutor Antonio Romeral, “may not be the basis of the investigation he is seeking.” To do so, he adds, means launching a “promising” investigation. The complaint was filed by Alejandra Jacinto, a member of parliament for Ione Bellara’s party in the Madrid Assembly.

The anti-corruption ruling comes just hours after the European Court of Human Rights ruled in favor of two United We Can complaints and launched an investigation into the two award-winning companies. A total of seven contracts worth more than € 18 million were awarded to the company in the luxury wine sector (Vin Doré 24K) and the second audiovisual sector (Air Global Media) for emergency procedures to supply IFEMA warehouse in the first phase of material health. Pandemic weeks.

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office explains in its letters that both award procedures could have been fraudulent against European funds, given that all of these contracts were funded by the public. By this time the body had decided not to charge anyone “prematurely” and announced it would start production.

Brother of Isabel Diaz Ayuso

The Anti-Corruption Department, headed by Alejandro Luzon, acknowledged that it had investigated complaints and suspicions of fraud and fraud in various administrations. The first case to be made public was a € 1.5 million contract awarded by the Community of Madrid to a company, Priviet Sportive, which has no experience in healthcare and is run by Isabel Diaz Ayuso, a personal friend of the family. An operation during which the brother of the president of the region charged the commission.

Shortly afterwards, the Ministry of Public Works also agreed to investigate a number of complaints from the Community of Madrid itself about contracts entered into by the central executive. Contracts and assistance that, according to journalistic information in Dia Ayusu’s complaint, went to companies affiliated with members of the government, such as Jose Luis Abalos or Nadia Calvino or even the father of President Pedro Sanchez.

It was the anti-corruption prosecution that brought before the court businessmen Alberto Lucenio and Luis Medina, who were accused of buying masks, gloves and tests from various contracts of the Madrid City Council in a commission of millionaires in March 2020. The public ministry completed it and he signed it. The lawsuit was filed in Madrid courts a day after unveiled an investigation that eventually became a masked case.

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