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European Public Prosecutor investigates several Ayuso COVID contracts with companies outside the healthcare sector

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation into several contracts signed by the Community of Madrid to purchase medical supplies in 2020 from two companies that are not entirely related to the healthcare sector. The community body, following two complaints from the United We Can Group of the Community of Madrid, has agreed to investigate a possible crime of fraud against European funds by awarding seven contracts worth seven million euros to buy medical supplies from two companies outside the public. Health: One was dedicated to the golden wine, the other to the audiovisual sector.

According to documents accessed by, Ione Belarra’s side condemned, on the one hand, three contracts awarded from March to April 2020 to Vin Doré 24K for € 7,744,000. The three will purchase various types of sanitary ware for the 10th pavilion on IFEMA Market Square, where the public has set up a warehouse “serving health centers, residences, town halls and other public spaces within the Community of Madrid”, respectively. Collects IFEMA memory Of that year.

The second complaint on which the European Prosecutor’s Office is launching an investigation is the four contracts awarded to Air Global Media totaling € 10,660,500 between April and June 2020. Similarly, contracts for the delivery and delivery of surgical material to the IFEMA warehouse. Health centers in the community of Madrid.

None of the companies, as explained in the complaint, are dedicated to the healthcare or textile sector. Who Dore 24KWhich was based on a contract portal with up to six contracts for the supply of sanitary supplies worth more than € 17.5 million to the Community of Madrid, is dedicated, as explained on its website, to the marketing of luxury wines with gold particles. In suspension Air Global MediaAccording to his website, it is dedicated to the audiovisual sector and “big data”.

United We Can has referred the case to the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, which decided to proceed with the case after reviewing its competence in publicly funded contracts. He does this by explaining that the possible allegations of fraud against European funds given in the political party’s complaint, but he does not emphasize that so far he has only what is written in the complaint and that the “outline” of the facts so far ” It is vague. ”

In both cases, the European Court of Human Rights is launching a lawsuit, requesting all available documentation from United We Can, and clarifying that it is currently refusing to prosecute any charges. During the process, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office explains in these letters, it decides whether to summon someone to testify.

Alejandra Jacinto, a United We Can MP, understands that this initiative by the European Prosecutor’s Office is still aimed at Isabel Diaz Ayuso, President of the Community of Madrid. European prosecutors are launching an investigation into multimillion-dollar contracts for two companies that, without experience in the sector, received millions of euros to purchase medical equipment for allegedly committing fraud. “Against the European Union’s budgets and fraud,” he said.

The MP also adds that in the case of the “People’s Party”, there is an “example” according to which PP “understands the institutions as spaces related to watering companies and entrepreneurs with public money, be it in the City Council or in the community. “.

Conflict over brother’s contract

This is not the first time that European prosecutors have leveled suspicious contracts at the Madrid Community. This community body has already had a conflict with the Spanish prosecutor’s office to investigate a contract entered into by the regional government in the company of the president’s personal friend, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, through the agent of his brother, Thomas, a commission agent. The contract, as revealed by in November, was awarded $ 1.5 million to Priviet Sportive, a company owned by Daniel Alcazar, a childhood friend of the president and his family.

It was an unprecedented conflict between prosecutors after a civil war within the People’s Party led to the intervention of the region’s president’s brother and commissions. The first to take charge of the matter was the Madrid Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office after complaints from several political parties, but a few days later the European Prosecutor’s Office said it had launched an investigation using the same argument it now uses: European-funded contracts.

Attorney General Dolores Delgado summoned the Court of Prosecutors, which unanimously decided to support the proposal of anti-corruption chief Alejandro Luzon to remain in the case. The ruling has sparked several statements by European prosecutors, who have argued his opposition to the Madrid investigation, accusing even Dolores Delgado of challenging the rule of law in Europe.

Source: El Diario





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