Garcia Castellion demands to continue a full two-year confrontation with the prosecution over Podemos’ “promising” investigation.

The General Council of the Court will decide tomorrow whether to continue Manuel Garcia Castellion for another two years at the head of the 6th Central Court of National Supreme Court, as is the wish of the magistrate, who will soon turn 70 years old. According to judicial sources, the response of the Standing Committee on Judiciary will be positive if there is no request for a formal defect.

A request for a career extension with Garcia Castellion’s full efforts to continue the secret investigation into Podemos, which was opened after a pseudo-report by the PP political brigade in 2016 and was recently revived by former Chavist general Hugo. Carvajal, “El Pollo”, his attempt to prevent extradition to the United States, according to the Criminal Chamber of the National Supreme Court. The court that will make this decision is on the verge of expiring a four-year term with an overdue mandate.

As was the case in an attempt to indict Pablo Iglesias in the Dina’s case when the politician was vice-president of the government, Garcia Castellioni is still facing the Criminal Chamber and the prosecution for allegedly funding Podemos for a secret case. Time with Juan Carlos Monedro as the protagonist. In the case of Iglesias, the final blow was dealt to Judge Garcia Castellion by the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court, which rejected the arguments of the substantiated statement by which the judge was trying to impose a second vice-president.

In the case of Venezuela’s alleged funding of Podemos, prosecutors appealed the investigation of Garcia Castelloni and his aide, Joaquin Gadaea, into the “prospect”, and the Criminal Chamber agreed with the public ministry. In a rough letter, the public ministry was to remind the magistrates of the 6th Investigative Court that the crime of illegal financing did not exist even when they were supported.

Superior judges dropped almost all of Garcia Castellioni’s investigation, but left a hole to examine Polo Carvajal’s evidence without any support. And it was here that Garcia Castellioni returned to try to create a “promising” case against Podemos, as described by the prosecution of the National Court.

The public ministry recently requested the case file following an order from the Criminal Chamber, but Garcia Castellion took advantage of that earlier and requested a new lawsuit from UDEF to track the accounts of the founders of Podemos. According to Okdario. The prosecution responded directly to the Criminal Chamber, ie Garcia Castellion was not given the opportunity to reconsider his position.

The decision of the CGPJ will also be made this Thursday when the judge decides to transfer to the parties the accusation spread three weeks ago that the PSOE is carrying out the Kitchen case. The Socialists want to reopen the case against Maria Dolores de Cospedal after the recent famous audio show between former PP general secretary and alleged head of the criminal organization Jose Manuel Villarre.

A brief summary of the PSOE draws on the knowledge of Maria Dolores de Cospedal, as evidenced by records published by El País and the Fuentes das, on the sabotage of the People’s Party’s irregular funding investigation into the sobering operation, including comments on the PP books. It is the second number of the then number, which indicates the Bárcenas sheets or B-box annotations.

The Socialists’ request is forcing the anti-corruption prosecution and the other parties to take a stand as Garcia Castellion then reconsiders the decision to launch a case against Cospedal on the grounds that his meetings were with Villarreal. Social “nature.

This decision to close the investigation on July 29, 2021 prompted the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor to appeal the judge’s decision to limit the responsibility of espionage for Barsenas at the Ministry of the Interior of Jorge Fernandez Diaz. “It was as if he had set a cordon or an unacceptable red line that could not be crossed,” prosecutors said, pointing to possible interference by PP leadership in the investigation into the judge’s refusal to investigate.

ᲒLast Tuesday, Acijur (Association of Legal Consultants) Garcia Castellონსn was awarded the “Puñetas de plata” prize for his investigation of “imminent urgency” cases as “political and economic” with “professionalism and impartiality, regardless of the ideology and economic power of those under investigation”. According to The reason has spreadGarcაa Castellონn said in his opening remarks: “When independence is attacked, the judge is not attacked, but a society that finds out how their independence will affect themselves.”

Source: El Diario





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