Ray, espionage or memory: Podemos sees “democratic regeneration” as a matter for the legislature

“Democratic regeneration in the state is still awaited,” often repeated the Minister of Social Rights and Secretary General of Podemos, Ione Bellara. The United We Can Party, part of the government’s minority partner, believes that after managing to implement part of the social agenda to overcome the successive crises, the executive branch should make a new modernization effort for the rest of the legislature this year. Such as the Monarchy or the National Intelligence Center (CNI). He also called on his partner, the PSOE, to facilitate government approval of pending regulations, such as the repeal of the fraud law or the democratic memory, which were included in the coalition pact and which have been stalled.

This will be the only way, according to the Podemos leadership, to stop the rise of the right, which most polls predict, as well as the rise of Vox. “Stopping the extreme right is not said, it’s done. It is done with a bold policy,” Bellara assured in her last public intervention. In front of the highest level of his party, A little over a month ago. “We need more government and more coalitions,” his team argues, citing the latest examples of the need for this “regeneration” as the Pegasus espionage scandal involving various members of the government and pro-independence leaders, but also the King Emeritus situation.

In addition to trying to launch its most ideological agenda, Podemos sees necessary steps, such as reforms in the head of state or secret services, to ensure that the coalition government survives for the remainder of the legislature, but also to retain the vote. The left-wing electorate is facing a 2023 general election. “Our country must urgently get rid of its anti-democratic legacy. Only in this way, moreover, can we restore our partners’ trust in the government. “And to take care of the majority, investment invests in guaranteeing the progressive orientation of our democratic bloc.”

According to the leader of Podemos, “progress in the agenda of deepening democracy in this legislature is leaving its mark on the whole country, mainly due to the rise of the far right, which may be revealed again in the Andalusian elections on June 19, whose campaign began this Thursday. That is why Bellara believes that it is “time to correct” the mistake of not launching more ideological proposals that distinguish the left bloc from the right.

Podemos believes that “it is necessary to move quickly to repeal the fraud law”, which is still under consideration in Congress and which, according to various parliamentary sources, will continue without seeing the light in the coming months, although the government is obliged to approve it before then. Summer. But Bellara’s party is also seeking to deepen its “fight against corruption” and “tax fraud” from the Council of Ministers table, in addition to stimulating the Democratic Memory Act, which has been paralyzed in Congress since October. Lack of agreement with investment partners who, like the ERC or EH Bildu, in exchange for their vote, demand the repeal of the 1977 amnesty law, which has not been reviewed by the executive.

As a fundamental part of the “democratic revival,” Podemos sees the need to open a debate between the monarchy and the republic. But given the reluctance of the government’s majority partner, the PSOE, which maintains its firm commitment to King Felipe VI, Bellara’s party wants the restriction of the king’s inviolability to happen at least, as he himself promised Pedro Sanchez. Two years ago, but it has never been used in the practice of the executive branch. The idea would be to introduce a law to limit this inviolability by the monarch public’s public actions. And the goal is a situation similar to that of Juan Carlos I, who saw how the Spanish courts closed the case of tax fraud and alleged illicit enrichment against him, in part because of his inviolability as well as his prescription. In the crimes in which he was charged.

For Podemos, the brief return of Juan Carlos I to Spain last month was a turning point, as a lavish visit during which the honorable king offered no explanation for the scandals he has been involved in in recent years has led to a monarchy. “In a situation that is already completely unstable.” Bellara’s management believes that Spain should do it “not for the end of the republic, but as a process involving the election of the head of state, but for public services, state structures and public actors.”

Another pillar of the “democratic revival” should be, according to Podemos, ensuring transparency in the state secret services, especially in the wake of the spy scandal with Pegasus, but also in the past, for example, the so-called patriotic police group formed by the Mariano Rajoy government For an attack – or operation in the kitchen, a spy plan was also created from the interior when PP was in Monclo. Try to destroy evidence that may support corruption cases.

It is a matter, according to the leadership of Podemos, to put an end to this so-called “State sewerage”. The formation joined pro-independence forces a few weeks ago to register a commission of inquiry into these vigilant structures in Congress, but the PSOE, PP and Vox joined the House of Representatives to suspend the initiative, which will not even be discussed in plenary. .

Bellara’s party also wants more control from the CNI government so that these secret services cannot be used without the guardianship of the executive, as they believe Pegasus was used against the Catalan independents. We can also demand a reform of the Francoist official secret law to make it fit into 21st century democracy, and that secrecy of documents can be more flexible than the current model.

“We, as victims of state sewage, are clear that it is our duty as Democrats to protect Spanish democracy from sewage and from forces that operate outside the law or exceed their functions against those whom they consider their enemies. “It is also in the interests of the authorities to use all means to prevent such a thing from happening again,” Bellara’s leadership said.

Source: El Diario





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