Prosecution in Podemos’s case: “It is not strange that a friend helps another in a two-day-old child”

The prosecution is committed to exhausting the investigation into the alleged caregivers of the children of Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero, but warns that the “animus” that forces the complainant, a former employee of Podemos, to resign against the Minister of Equality. .

In the letter in which he supports the statement of the other person investigated in the case, the prosecution states its position on the case and the motives of Monica Carmona, the appellant who testified as a witness. “It is true that the testimony of a witness shows hostility towards Irene Montero, and it is not uncommon for a friend to help another in two newborns, prematurely, who have just been discharged from hospital. And do it without payment. “It is also not illogical that while Irene Montero was on vacation, political meetings were held at her home, given that both she and Pablo Iglesias were in the party,” the letter, which was accessed by .

Initially, the applicant identified Theresa Arevalo, but the matter now being resolved is the allegation that Gara Santana, a former employee in the Podemos communications zone, was under investigation. Carmona assured that she did not know if Sananta’s party would pay her or Congress, only she was from Montero’s team and had a relationship with another party leader.

He also stated that the events took place when Iglesias and Montero’s two young children left the hospital and that he did not know how long the alleged assistance as Santana’s caregiver lasted as the applicant soon stopped working with the Minister for Equality.

The letter of the prosecutor’s office reflects the inaccuracies in the complaint: “If they did it because of friendship, you do not know. They were very close friends, they always had a relationship, and even when he was a couple, he was the leader of the aforementioned Podemos.

The judge in the Neurona case, Juan Jose Escalonilla, is investigating a possible crime of embezzlement of state funds. The letter from the prosecution, which is discussed in this information, contradicts the third party’s appeal to summon Santana. The prosecutor warns that “all these considerations must be taken into account after the hearing of the investigation and the completion of all cases, and the judge must make one of the decisions of Article 779 of the Criminal Procedure Code”, ie. Issue an order for summary proceedings for a crime punishable by less than nine years or initiate a case.

Source: El Diario





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