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Justice recognizes 500 euros in compensation for harassing a fan of the deceased singer of “Il Divo”.

The Madrid Provincial Court has awarded 500 euros in compensation to the heirs of the deceased singer of the “Il Divo” quartet Carlos Marini due to harassment by a Spanish fan. The judges acknowledge that the woman developed a “Platonic love” for the singer and that she eventually sent letters threatening her death and that the “embarrassment” she caused her deserves compensation, although there is no evidence that, as she claimed. , He had to stop meeting with fans for fear of meeting Stalker.

The events, according to the sentence, which had access to, took place during 2021. The accused woman was a follower of the group.Il DivoFormed in 2003, the Opera Singers Quartet has sold over 30 million records during its career. One of its members was the Spanish baritone Carlos Marini, who died in December 2021. But a few months before his death, in February 2021, he was insulted by this worshiper and the case went to court.

First, according to the proposal, the woman insisted on calling the production company Sony and asking for information about the singer to try to contact her and collaborate on the “project”. These calls, says Justis, “intensified because of the platonic love that the fans had developed for him” and became “boring, obscene and offensive” communications that were transformed into letters. In some of these letters, the convict stated: “We are going to kill him.” He also warned him about the arrival of the parcel that “when he opens it he will die and go to hell.”

Initially, the 34th Court of Madrid heard that he had committed a minor crime under duress and imposed a fine of 60 euros on the woman, in addition to a half-kilometer restraining order that must be valid for half a year. The singer’s office appealed to the provincial court that the magistrate had not set the € 10,000 compensation they were seeking for damages. One of his heirs continued the trial when Carlos Marini died at a Manchester hospital in December last year.

Among other allegations, the singer’s complaint states that he should have received compensation for going to court twice and for suspending admission activities for fans, in addition to the fact that he had restlessness and problems with his professional image. He argued that the woman could “appear nowhere” and that this “prevented her from going”. He added that refusing to meet with fans was a waste of money because these are events for which “a lot of money has been paid,” he said.

Judge Pilar Casado partially assessed her complaint and acknowledged that the singer was entitled to compensation, but with 500 euros and not 10,000 as requested. Asked for money to appear in court twice, the magistrate said that “this is the result of an equal complaint by all the accused” and that they did not present evidence that the measures should be canceled or that the other members of the group did. He said he did not report any family disorder or damage to his professional image.

However, he understands the sentence that he should be compensated in the amount of 500 Euros, as the self-proven report reflects how he was affected by the convict’s epistolary harassment. “The singer’s fear met the crowd at one of his concerts when they were held in Spain, because something happened to him, forcing him to file a complaint,” the resolution reads. Yes, therefore, there was a “certain restlessness and fear” of the singer and “a changed state of mind.”

He believes that the judge imposed a sum of 500 euros. “The letters were not received directly from him, his mental state was not seriously affected, there was never any contact between them and this is still a minor crime,” the sentence justifies the amount. Carlos Marin (Germany, 1968) died at a Manchester hospital on 19 December 2021, a victim of COVID-19.

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