Ayuso’s partner admits to offering plea deal to prosecutors, denies Miguel Angel Rodriguez’s lies

Businessman Alberto González Amador, Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s partner, denied Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, admitting that he confessed to two crimes against the state treasury and that he was the one who offered the prosecution a plea deal to reduce his sentence. And not the other way around, as the chief of staff of the President of Madrid reports. González Amador’s statement is part of a whistleblower complaint filed by the businessman against the case’s prosecutor and the head of Madrid’s public prosecutor’s office, which elDiario.es had access to.

In the complaint, the businessman notes that if his lawyer “immediately contacted” the prosecutor’s office, as soon as he was informed that the investigation was going to begin, it was because he knew that he had a “sentimental relationship” with the president of Madrid. will end has a “potential distortive effect on procedural safeguards”. That is, the lawyer claims that Gonzalez Amador confessed to the crimes because he was convinced that his partnership with Isabel Díaz Ayuso prevented him from protecting himself like any other citizen, not because he was actually defrauding with false invoices.

Source: El Diario

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