Vox is reviving his “Patriotic Party” to try to give the party strength before the next European elections

Santiago Abascal is determined that Vox will regain the power it lost in the months when the far-right formation failed to raise itself. Their high hopes are based on the European elections on June 9, and not so much on the elections called for the Basque Parliament on April 21, where they have only one member and do not expect to increase; Nor in the May 12 elections in Catalonia, where they will be content to retain the 11 seats they currently hold. To that end, the party leadership recently announced that from May 18 to 19 they will be celebrating “Viva24,” their big “patriotic party,” which they were forced to postpone last fall due to “political uncertainty.” that he was convinced. that he was coming.

Vox then announced via e-mail to its affiliates and public and organic officials that the third edition of this festival could not take place in October as planned. The party leadership’s official justification was that it was suspended “due to the impossibility of knowing the political scenario” that was to take place “over the coming weeks”. The internal message did not specify what they meant, but it was understood that we would have to wait and see what would happen with the investments of the two PP and PSOE leaders, Alberto Núñez Feijoo and Pedro Sánchez. Struggled for support to govern after the July 2023 elections put forward by Sánchez. In Vox, they did not rule out another election repetition if no one achieved the goal of becoming the president of the government.

Source: El Diario

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