The government categorically rejects the agreed referendum proposed by Aragonese

The government is ignoring Generalitat President Pere Aragonés’ plan for a negotiated independence referendum. Not only that: he warns that it is a return to “infinite loops of conflict”. This is the answer that the Minister of Justice, Felix Bolaños, gave to the ERC this Tuesday in the Senate in the control session of the government, where he called the plan of the Republican leader “electoralist”.

“Do you want Catalonia to be an independent state?” was the question that Aragones revealed this Tuesday morning as part of a plan developed by the Institute for Self-Government Studies (IAE) on the legal framework in which it could take place. Referendum agreed with the executive. A consultation whose minimum participation and favorable votes to approve the mandate can be negotiated with the state, as the Republican leader has acknowledged.

Government spokesman Pilar Alegría took advantage of the question at a press conference after the Council of Ministers to reject the proposal of the president and the ERC candidate for the Catalan elections on May 12. “This is their position, not the position of this government or the majority of Catalan society,” he said. The minister pointed out that the proposal comes in the context of the pre-election campaign and then warned: “It is against the policy of unity, unification and progress between Catalonia and Spain.”

Shortly after, Bolaños was even stronger in the control session. “On May 12, Catalans can go back to the past, back to the conflict, back to the chaos, back to the tension, back to the endless loop of conflict that led us nowhere,” he noted. “Or on May 12 you can vote for the future, for agreements, for dialogue, for investments, for companies, for the well-being of Catalonia,” he added below.

The Minister of Justice was responding to the question of Esquerra Republicana Senator Sara Bailak. In his speech, the parliamentarian reprimanded him for the government moving away from the two major “consensus” he believes exist in Catalan society: “80% of Catalan citizens want to vote on their political future in an independence referendum. And 64% want to be able to collect from Catalonia the taxes generated by our territory.” “Despite rejecting these two big consensuses, what they are doing shows that they don’t have a project for Catalonia,” he said.

Bailak, who called Salvador Illa, the PSC’s candidate, a “Moncloa delegate” in the election, argued in a tense exchange with the minister that what is causing the conflict in Catalonia is “keeping it against its will” and that what is “the past” is “the citizens’ vote”. right”.

“Electoralist Proposal”

If Alegria was limited to recalling that Aragonese’s initiative took place in a pre-election context, Bolaños censored the “electoral proposals” of the Republican Party. “90% want the solution to the political conflict to be negotiated and agreed,” replied the minister, who reminded the ERC that in the 23J general elections, this formation was the “fourth force” and the first, the PSOE. “A little humility, a little humility,” he demanded.

“There will never be an agreement for independence with the Socialists,” explained Socialist spokesperson Patxi López, also this Tuesday, when asked about the issue in Congress. “We are absolutely against an independence referendum,” he said, insisting: “For us, a referendum is one that supports the deal and there will never be a deal for independence with the Socialists.”

Source: El Diario

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