Supreme Court Prosecutors Insist on Puigdemont Terrorism Charge During Tsunami: ‘He Had Absolute Leadership’

Prosecutors who decided weeks ago to indict Carles Puigdemont on terrorism charges have sent their arguments to the Supreme Court’s lieutenant prosecutor, who has the final say on the prosecution’s criteria for the case. As announced this Wednesday SpanishThe investigation of the Tsunami Democrat “fits” into the crime of terrorism, and the former president of Catalonia, according to these prosecutors, can be considered its “absolute leader”, which is why the case against him should be brought to the Supreme Court. .

The criteria of the majority of the prosecutors of the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court were expressed after a tense meeting on February 6 in Ortega y Gasset street in Madrid. Most of the members of the public ministry rejected the presentation of the prosecutor Alvaro Ortega, who realized that Puigdemont should not be charged and supported the request of the Supreme Court to prosecute him for the crime of terrorism.

A discrepancy between the two superiors of that prosecutor’s office — one opting for an indictment and the other the opposite — turned the case over to María Ángeles Sánchez Conde, a lieutenant prosecutor at the Supreme Court, who requested one before issuing the report. Prosecutors seeking to indict Puigdemont knew his arguments. The report, which is already in their possession and in which the prosecutors, including Fidel Cadena and others who unsuccessfully chose to rebel during the process, is clear that the former president should be accused of terrorism.

“There is no question that the facts fit neatly into the crime of terrorism,” the document, signed by Cadena, said. Nor that Carles Puigdemont, then in Brussels, can be considered the “absolute leader” of the Tsunami democratic movement. It now remains to be seen whether the lieutenant prosecutor’s criteria match those of the majority of Supreme Court prosecutors, or whether he finds that the case against Manuel García Castellón should be returned to the national court.

The Tsunami Democracy case investigates the massive demonstrations that thousands of people staged in Catalonia in late 2019 after the Supreme Court sentenced the leaders of the process to up to 13 years in prison for sedition, embezzlement and disobedience. One such protest was the one that brought down Barcelona’s El Prat airport for a whole day.

Manuel García Castellón decided last November to press terrorism charges in the case, which coincided with talks between the PSOE and the Junts on the impeachment of Pedro Sánchez and the implementation of the amnesty law. He then announced that, among others, his accusations were directed against Carles Puigdemont, explaining that his terrorism charge was primarily based on the death of a tourist at the airport during protests that had so far been shut down by the tsunami. .

The Prosecution’s criteria shall in no way be binding on the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court. Judge Juan Ramon Berdugo will be the one to decide whether to accept the substantiated presentation of the national court and open a case for terrorism with Carles Puigdemont as the main accused. The criteria of the Supreme Court prosecutors is the opposite of what their counterparts in the national court have shown so far, who unsuccessfully challenged the decision of Manuel García Castellón.

Source: El Diario





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