The acting president of the court has threatened to resign if talks between the PSOE and the PP in Brussels fail.

The acting president of the General Council of Justice (CGPJ), the conservative Vicente Guilarte, has threatened to resign from the post he has held on an interim basis since last summer if a last-ditch attempt at a renewal between the PP and PSOE takes place. The mediation of the European Commission is not possible. “I am waiting for this agreement to be reached, and if it does not happen, there will be people more qualified than me to fill this position,” he said on Wednesday at an information breakfast organized by Forum Europe, where he was introduced by the president. Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court Manuel Marchena.

The current governing body of judges was formed in 2013, when Mariano Rajoy ruled with an absolute majority, and was due to be renewed at the end of 2018. But the agreement on the new composition could not be reached due to party calculations. The main party of the right: first with Pablo Casado, and then with Alberto Núñez Feijo. The blockade is on track to extend a decade of a conservative majority in the third branch of government’s most important institution.

After several failed attempts, the PP and the PSOE are now trying to find an agreement mediated by Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders. Guilarte asked both sides to find “intermediate solutions” to reach a medium-term agreement. “I have full confidence in the happy outcome of this renewal,” said Guilarte, who defended his proposal for judicial appointments, which the CGPJ now makes in the hands of the Court of Judges and Lawyers.

However, the PP reiterated after a recent meeting this Monday that its party is demanding a change in the system for appointing CGPJ members in order to agree to unblock the body. And after the first meeting in late January, the community executive recalled this First you need to update the organ “And immediately” change the norm.

Source: El Diario





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