The PP is barely ahead of the PSOE and Sumari is pulling away from Vox, according to CIS

According to the February barometer of the Center for Sociological Studies (CIS), the PP and the PSOE faced each other for first place in a hypothetical general election. Alberto Núñez Feijoo’s members grow and at least overtake the Socialists so that the distance between them is two tenths in favor of the popular, which in practice means Hal.

CIS also reports that Summar is making a comeback of over 10%, allowing him to extend his lead over Vox to remain in third place.

The February barometer indicates that the PP will take 33.2% of the vote in the new general election, an increase of nine-tenths over last month. It is practically the same result as in the July 23 elections, when they received 33.1% of the votes.

The PSOE is down one point in a month and now has 33% of the vote, according to CIS. These figures lose them first place, but keep them above their results in the last general election, where they won 31.7% of the vote.

In this way, the PP regains the first place it already reached in the December barometer, although now it does so with a margin of only two tenths, which in practice means a technical tie between the two parties.

Sumari remains in third place, from 9.7% in January to 10.2% in February. Thus, the party is recovering slightly from the gradual decline it has experienced in recent months – especially since Podemos broke the coalition and started a separate evaluation – where it reached a decline of 13%. For now, it remains far from its election result, which was 12.3%.

The recovery allows Yolanda Díaz’s party to widen its lead over Vox, which is shrinking by four-tenths this month. Santiago Abascal’s party goes from 8.3% to 7.9%. Also in their case, this result leaves the far right far from the 23J data, when they took 12.4% of the vote.

The CIS, which evaluates the results of Podemos separately for a month, notes that the party of Ione Bellara adds two tenths and will get 2.9% of the votes.

Already below, CIS indicates that ERC will receive 2.1% of the vote, Junts and PNV 1% of the vote, Bildu 0.8 and BNG 0.7.

Sanchez and Diaz, equal

When it comes to scoring majors, the CIS features a tie between Pedro Sanchez and Yolanda Diaz, who are only two hundreds apart. The second vice-president and the minister of labor gets 4.27 points, and the president of the government gets 4.25. Both fall compared to January.

Behind is Alberto Núñez Feijo, with 4.18 points, while Santiago Abascal continues in fourth place, with the worst score of 2.76.

Source: El Diario





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