Abascali hopes the inclusion of Feijo’s pardon will benefit Vox in Galicia, “a party that does not want to be deceived”.

Alberto Núñez Feijo’s reversal of speech on the amnesty law and Carles Puigdemont’s pardon dominated much of Santiago Abascal’s proposed press conference at the Vox headquarters this Monday, the final leg of the campaign in Galicia, whose elections will be held next. Sunday. The news has encouraged the far-right party to believe that “this big fraud,” as Abascali describes it, will turn against the Conservative Party and favor the far-right. We hope that many voters in Galicia will bet on a party that does not want to deceive the Spanish people and that there will be many Galicians who will decide to bet on a political force that protects law and order,” Abasqueli said. .

For Abascal, it is “very serious” that Feijo even discussed this pact with “the party responsible for the impoverishment of Catalonia, the destruction of coexistence between Catalans and the attempts to eliminate national coexistence, constitutional order and national unity.” “This,” he added, “also proves to us that they needed 24 hours to study the amnesty law and understand that it was completely illegal, but that they had the opportunity to invest in some kind of decision, and also prove to us that they are in favor of amnesty with conditions.”

In contrast, he noted Vox’s attitude: “We will not be caught for a second proposing an amnesty law or absolutely unacceptable terms of pardon. And, of course, we are not caught cheating the Spaniards, one day for their pardon, amnesty and anti-constitutional coup against the government, and the next day for the government to make an agreement with the government. A coup against the constitution, a split in congressional committees, constitutional reform, and a willingness to reach an agreement on reforming the judiciary with the request of a foreign mediator. “They won’t catch us in this, they won’t catch us lying or defrauding the Spaniards”, he emphasized, to ensure that after this information emerged – which he did not hesitate to attribute to the conservative leader himself – they are “very concerned” about the raisin that the PP can give

“We were very generous with Feijoo,” recalled the Vox leader, who admitted that “even though they felt it,” they were not convinced that he had gone so far as to agree to a possible pardon for the former Generalitat president. Abascal, later, denied the accusations by the popular leaders themselves of a “Sánchez amendment” against them. “We have nothing to do with Sanchez. The only catch here is the two-party system, PP and PSOE, which vote together in Brussels.

In the same appearance, the Vox leader called for the “immediate” resignation of Interior Minister Fernando Grande Marlasca, whom he blames for the killing of two Civil Guards by drug traffickers. “We hold the government directly responsible for taking the agents to the slaughterhouse and demand the immediate resignation of Marlaska,” he said, later asking that the agents of these units be given “more material, human and legal means to fight this fact.” Drug mafias, which he says Vox has been condemning and calling for “for a long time”.

That said, he accused Pedro Sánchez of attending a Goya gala shortly after the tragedy. “Deploying security in Goia, where no one is threatened, and watching Sanchez party is unacceptable,” Abasqueli said.

Source: El Diario





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