ERC demands Albarez appear before Congress for sending ammunition to Israel

This Monday, Esquerra Republicana registered a request for the appearance of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albarez, in the Congress of Deputies. The Republican Party wants the government to provide an explanation in Parliament for Spain sending ammunition to Israel after the country’s attacks on the Gaza Strip began and at a time when the minister himself publicly stated that arms exports had been suspended, as reported by

Sources in the Republican caucus in Congress said the request, as well as a request from the Secretary of State for Commerce, as well as a battery of questions to the government on this topic. “What is the government’s rationale for exporting ammunition to Israel, and how do these arguments fit with the supposed freeze on arms exports following the Gaza conflict?” is one of seven questions the group will have to answer in writing soon. .

The Republican group is demanding that Albarez appear before the branch commission to provide an “explanation regarding information indicating that, despite public statements, the State of Spain traded war materials with the State of Israel after the outbreak. Hostilities in the region starting from October 7, 2023″.

According to data published on the official foreign trade portal Comex, analyzed by Center Delàs researcher Alejandro Pozo and verified by, 987,000 euros worth of ammunition was exported from Spain to Israel last November. All despite the fact that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Albarez, assured in an interview that no weapons were sent to this country after October 7.

Specifically, the goods were exported under the subcategory that includes “bombs, grenades, torpedoes, mines, rockets, cartridges and other ammunition and projectiles, and parts thereof, including slugs, shot and cartridges” for use in “weapons”. War”, according to another subcategory of this database, in which the import of material appears.

The Secretary of State for Commerce assures the outlet that the export “conforms to licenses authorized prior to October 7” and claims it contains “materials for testing or demonstration purposes, in no way intended for end use or likely to be used in conflict”. The next day, they contacted again to confirm that “medium-caliber non-explosive ammunition” had been sent.

Sumar, IU and Podemos ask the government for an explanation

Both parties in the coalition government expressed displeasure after hearing the news on Monday. “This is a very serious and plurinational parliamentary group @add We demand explanations. The arms embargo must be complete and permanent. We must stop the genocide in Gaza,” wrote the speaker of the Parliament of Sumary, Inigo Erehon, on the social network.

Also, the co-spokesperson of Izquierda Unida, Amanda Mayer, announced this Monday that she will ask the government for all explanations and if the information is confirmed, she said, they will demand that all responsibilities be clarified, because this is a policy that goes against what the progressive coalition stands for and also what The head of the executive power, Pedro Sanchez, announced publicly.

For its part, Podemos condemned the government’s “hypocrisy” and “incoherence”. “The government sent military material to Israel, even though it said it wasn’t doing that.” This is in addition to the arms purchases from Israel that continue – more than 300 million in 2023 – and continue to finance genocide. How angry I am at such hypocrisy,” said party secretary general Ione Bellara in a message on Twitter. “He not only lied, something very serious, but he deliberately hides that the government continues to buy weapons from Israel; “It continues to finance the genocide,” Pablo Fernandez, secretary of the party organization, said at the press conference.

Source: El Diario





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