Ayuso rejects Feijo’s clemency bid but warns: ‘I wouldn’t even go around the corner with Juntos’

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, today backed Alberto Núñez Feijoo after the PP leadership admitted on Saturday that the party is ready to pardon Carles Puigdemont and rejected terrorism charges. “I haven’t seen Feijo say anything else,” he dodged to show doubt about what Feijo had to say during the meal, accusing the PSOE of “twisting statements”. Of course, Ayuso warned that he wouldn’t go “even around the corner” with Juntis.

In addition, and although he noted that it was up to the judges, Ayuso reiterated that “everything indicates” that there was terrorism in Catalonia, contradicting the management’s suspicions in this regard.

“I have not seen such a turn,” said the leader of Madrid in an interview on Telecinco, in which he defended that the information indicating this change of position, published in many media, from popular sources, is in response to the game of “Shellers” who are in charge. by the state government. “There is nothing the government says,” he insisted. However, Ayuso said the “conditions” proposed by the PP for Puigdemont’s pardon, which would involve repentance after a final court conviction, have not been met.

“Vox and PSOE always go hand in hand in all these situations,” he defended, especially now that “they are grasping at straws” in the final stretch of the Galician campaign. However, several polls see the PP losing the junta government.

“There is no pardon, there are no circumstances, and there are no conditions for pardon. Nobody talked about amnesty […] “We are on a different plane,” he emphasized to Ayuso. Despite denying this, the Madrid president is distancing himself from the PP leadership’s view that the amnesty judicial investigation has made little progress. “A terrorist is not only the one who removes the head of the Civil Guard,” he said, as an occasion to briefly visit the criminal history of ETA and conclude on the obvious injustice of pardoning Catalan politicians. – “These people who are draining Spain” – and they will not forgive “the self-employed person who is late in paying his taxes”.

Asked if he would approve of his association with Younes over the government’s demand for censorship, Ayuso replied, “I wouldn’t even go through with Younes.” However, his party leadership now believes that Younts is a viable interlocutor on some issues, and may be even more so if the Independence Party returns to “constitutionalism.”

The PP also plans to negotiate a pardon with Carles Puigdemont as part of a Catalan “reconciliation” plan. This amnesty implies, in a hypothetical case, the return to Spain of politicians who left the country after 1-o, recognition by the Spanish justice system, execution of a hypothetical sentence, partial execution of the sentence, a clear request. measure of grace and, ultimately, rejection of unilateralism and recognition of the constitutional framework.

Source: El Diario





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